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Who's Who

Headteacher : Mrs Andrea Smith (Safeguarding Lead)

Deputising Leads : Mrs Megan Hammett 

Inclusion manger (SENCo & SPOC) Mrs Louise Brown

Business Manager: Mrs Judith Annells

Assistant Business Manager : Mrs Rosie Knight

Administrators : Mrs Mandie Spencer, Mrs Layla Dowding & Mrs Sarah Dixon



Chair of Governors: Sean Sweeney

Co-Vice Chair: Reverend Chris Routledge

Co-Vice Chair: Peter Barlow

Education Welfare Officer: Mick Battley

Educational Psychologist: Sarah Aldrich


Nursery Staff :

Mrs Sue Scarbro

Mrs Claire Gray

Mrs Michelle Bailey

Miss Holly Madge

Mrs Sarah Vernon



Reception Teacher : Mrs Louise Brown supported by Mrs Rachel Roe & Mrs Rose Robinson 

Reception Teacher : Mrs Melissa Smith (Foundation lead) supported by Mrs Lyn Lawrence

Reception Teacher: Mrs Nic Loton supported by Mrs Catherine Hamlyn

Y1 Teaching team: Miss Camilla Olver, Miss Hazeldine & Mrs Lamb, Mr Andy Norris (Team led by Mrs Megan Hammett)

Y1 supported by: Mrs Sarahjane Searl, Mrs Sarah Madge, Mrs Becki Gent


Y2 Teaching team: Mrs Sarah Salt (Y2 lead), Mrs Watmore and Mr Jolley

Y2 supported by: Mrs Rose Robinson, Mrs Lucy Fraser, Mrs Jo Kerslake, Mrs Marie Steadman

Y3 Teaching team : Mrs Michelle Potter (Y3/4 lead) and Mr Ryan Proctor 

Y3 supported by Mrs Sharon Bassett, Mrs Tracy McLeod

Y4 Teacher: Mrs Vicky McCoy  supported by Mr David Hitchcock

Y5 Teacher: Mrs Anna Andrews

Y6 Teacher: Mr Stephen Case supported by Miss Nadine Jones


Learning Mentor and Behaviour support: Mrs Sharon Scholes



Art Teacher : Mrs Caroline Flage

Music & Drama Specialist: Mrs Cassie Caddick

French Teacher : Mrs Cecile Ussher

PE Specialist: Sam from District Sports



Breakfast Club leaders: Chef Mike

After school Care club leaders:  Mrs Sarahjane Searl ,  Mrs Chris Austin, Ms Sarah Jordan, Ms Sam Walsh


Kitchen Manager: Chef Mike


Caretaker  Mr Andy Slater supported by Eddie Trethewey 

Cleaning provided by  Mrs Sally Bulley, Mr Michael Blight and Coastline




  • St Matthew's Church of England Primary and Nursery
  • 1 Peregrine Road,Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5FN
  • Telephone number : 01752 395969
  • Mobile telephone number : 07486954505