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Pupil Voice~ Spirit Detectives

Welcome to our Spirit Detective's Page


At St Matthew's we have a team of children who are active in ensuring that our school is distinctive as a Church of England School.  Years 1-6 have two representatives that meet regularly with Miss Freeman.  


Our Spirit Detectives are:

1F - Hollie and Euan

1N - Charlotte and Mason

1R - Jayden and Jodie

2S - Beth and Mason

2J - Scarlett and Cruz

3P - Lola and Sophia

4P - Evie and Zeph

5A - Cody and Amelia

6RH - Eli and Roman


Our Spirit Detectives have been chosen and voted for by their peers because meet the following criteria:

  • They are able to talk about our Christian Values and where they come from.
  • They have an interest in our schools distinctive nature as a Church of England Academy.
  • They are excited about finding evidence of our school's distinctive nature and character.
  • They are interested in RE and take time to think deeply.
  • They are good communicators and willing to share what they have learnt with their class and the wider school.


Children can submit any evidence or work linked to our Christian Values to our Spirit Detective email account (this email account is checked and monitored by Miss Freeman).

A Spirit Detective Meeting...

Autumn Term 2017 - Watch out for...


  • The launch of our St Matthew's Prayer Tree
  • RE and Arts Week evaluations carried out by the Spirit Detectives
  • A focus on our Christian Value of 'Hope'
  • A new Reflection Space in the KS1 library area
  • Whole school work on spirituality 

Our Spiritual Garden


This year, our Spirit Detectives have been researching and designing a Spiritual Garden for our school.  The children spent time researching existing gardens to find out what the rest of the school might find helpful for their spiritual development.  Once they had done this, the Spirit Detectives challenged the rest of the school to design a garden. They met as a team and discussed the different ideas and used these to create a final design.  Once their design was complete, they took it to the other classrooms with a questionnaire so that the whole school could share their thoughts. The Spirit Detectives then met again to create a final design which they took to Mrs Smith and the PTFA.


Below are some photos of what the Spirit Detectives have been doing...

Finding out about Love


At part of their Spirit Detective role, Zeph, Lola and Amelia went around the school to find out about what the other children knew about our Christian Value of 'Love'.  Below are some of the photos that they took whilst carrying out their mission...

Finding out about Forgiveness


Tom and Scarlett went on a hunt around the school to find out about the children's learning about our Christian Value of 'Forgiveness'.  Here are some of the photos that they took...

Our Christian Value of Courage


We have been using our Reflection Spaces to think about times when we need to remember and draw on our Christian Value of 'Courage'.  We had a line of courage that we clipped photographs of ourselves demonstrating courage in different situations.  We wrote prayers asking for courage for ourselves and other people.  We placed these prayers in our very own prayer book.  Some of the children spent time researching Bible verses about courage.

We took part in the Church of England's prayer week called 'Thy Kingdom Come'. The Spirit Detectives took Rev Keith round to each classroom to talk to the children...

Our Christian Values based on Scripture...

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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