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Our Curriculum

Key Aims of our Curriculum


St Matthew’s C of E Primary and Nursery Academy’s curriculum intent is to help our children achieve the highest possible standard and provide an irresistible, rich, broad and balanced curriculum. We have developed our curriculum on the National Curriculum and around enrichment of purposeful visits and activities, designed to enhance wide vocabulary and oracy skills, build curiosity and fill our children with delight and the enthusiasm to learn. We seek to help our children become active learners; developing lively, creative, enquiring minds and provide them with the skills and knowledge which will prepare them for successful, healthy lives in the ever-changing world in which they live.  


Through the delivery of our curriculum we aim to ensure that: 

  • all pupils experience a high degree of self-efficacy and worth through a range of experiences including opportunities for all to showcase their talent.
  • children will become fully engaged learners; actively reflecting on their learning, asking questions, retaining taught content and making links between subjects.
  • children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the taught content, their use of subject specific vocabulary and language, and learning skills. 
  • we instil a sense of spirituality and moral values through our Christian Vision, and develop children’s cultural, artistic and physical development. Our Christian vision of ‘Let your light shine’ (Matthew 5:16) and values of Love, forgiveness, courage, hope, trust and spirit forms the central spine to our central curriculum pillars.


Hours of teaching per week:
The hours of teaching at our school, per week are 23.5 hours:
This is in addition to time allocated for registration, assemblies and breaks. 


PPA Time

From September 2005 all teachers are entitled to 10% release time from class to undertake Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) duties. The work covered during this time is planned in conjunction with the class teacher and the children benefit from expertise of other staff.


Early Learning Goals

Our youngest pupils are taught according to a specially designed curriculum for pre-compulsory school-aged children, called “Early Learning Goals”. The curriculum for these pupils consists of:
Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development and Physical Development.
It prepares the children for their statutory school-age education and the National Curriculum.


For a summary of our principles and practice in the Foundation Stage please see link below.

Collective Worship

We hold Acts of Collective Worship each day for all the children. Our worship is an expression of our school ethos and Mission Statement. We have a strong association with the Rock Community Church who regularly attend our school worships including weekly Open The Book worships.


Each term, the school explores in more detail one of our values. This is combined with British Values and aspects of topical interest.

Parents have the legal right to withdraw their children from daily acts of collective worship, but are asked to discuss the matter first with the Headteacher.

Our intent for individual subjects

To find out more about the intent, implementation and impact in each subject area please click on the links below.

Curriculum Organisation


Across the school we have chosen to use a variety of schemes of learning in order to help us deliver the National Curriculum in a way that will achieve our curriculum aims.  Click on the links to access the curriculum map relevant to your child's year group to see what they will be learning across the curriculum. 


Although curriculum organisation documents have been arranged in a logical and sometimes sequential order, for some subjects, it is right and proper that teachers take advantage of opportunities that arise and therefore may alter the order in which the topics are covered. Examples of this might be a community event, a significant weather event or making natural links across the curriculum.  


Therefore, the following subjects can be moved within the year group: 










The reason for this is that progression works in a vertical way for these subjects between the year groups rather than horizontally – between units within a year group. 

Each year, the overall curriculum documents will not be altered but the individual year group curriculum map will be changed so that parents know the order of coverage.  

Specific Subject Area Pages

Click on the links below to access pages on the specific subject areas.

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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