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Music and Drama

Music and Drama



Welcome to a new year at St. Matthew's!


It's the start of another exciting year at school and the music room is once again going to be full of sound as children learn to play, sing and perform. Across the year all children will have an opportunity to perform to an audience with music and drama. We will be studying a diverse style of music and be brushing up on our glockenspiel and recorder skills. Below is an overview of our learning during the first term:


Reception: Me! Listening to music and learning to find the pulse and think about how music makes us feel. Learning to sing lots of new songs.

Year 1: Hey You! An introduction to Hip Hop where children will identify key style indicators for the style of music and learn to sing and play.

Year 2: Hands, Feet, Heart. Children will be gaining an insight into South African music. We will begin to look at notation and learn to sing, play and compose our South African style song, Hands, Feet, Heart.

Year 3: Year 3 will start to learn the recorder. They will be looking at ballads and learning to play and sing 'Let Your Spirit Fly'.

Year 4: An introduction to the music of ABBA. Children will continue their recorder skills along with reading music and learning to sing and play Mamma Mia.

Year 5: It's all about Rock in Year 5 as they will be studying 'Livin' on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. We'll be looking at Key Style Indicators of Rock music. We will continue to play both recorder and glockenspiel and will play, sing and perform.

Year 6: A cheerful start to the year as they children will get to grips with 'Happy'. Year 6 will be studying pop music and be able to identify other musical styles that influence pop music. They will also be composing, improvising and learning to play and sing 'Happy'. 



Happy New Year!

Congratulations to all the children who took part in performances over the Christmas term, you were outstanding!

  • This term Reception Children will contunie their journey into music by listening to music all about people and thinking about that they can hear and how the music makes us feel.
  • Year 1 are learning all about different styles of music including blues and bhangra and will be learning to sing and play 'I am in the Groove' in a variety of styles.
  • Year 2 begin exploring Rock music and learning to sing, play and perform 'I Wanna Play in a Band'.
  • Year 3 will be preparing for their Easter Church Service learning songs and readings and learning the songs to support Year 4 in their Easter Production.
  • Year 4 are going to be rehearsing for their Easter production 'Good News!'
  • Year 5 are getting to grips with ballads and will be singing, playing and writing their own compositions to 'Make You Feel my Love'.
  • Year 6 will be studying the music of Benjamin Britten whilst learning to sing and play 'A New Year Carol'.



This term is another exciting one in the Music and Drama department!

  • Reception are learning all about FUNK music and will be singing and playing Big Bear Funk - including some funky dancing.
  • Year 1 are exploring imagination through music and are learning to sing and play Your Imagination.
  • Year 2 are looking at friendship in music and will be singing, playing and composing to The Friendship Song.
  • Year 3 are finding out about the style indicators of disco music and learning to sing and play on their recorders Bringing Us Together.
  • Year 4 are studying the music of The Beatles and learning to sing and play on recorders 'Blackbird'. They will also be composing an instrumental section to Blackbird using their recorders or glockenspiels.
  • Year 5 and 6 are starting to learn the songs for their summer production Let Loose.


Keep checking back for updates on our progress this term.


                                                          Year 4 finding the pulse to Blackbird using percussion instruments.

Year 4 having been finding the pulse to 'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles using percussion instruments.



Easter saw some fantastic Music and Drama.

Year 4 stunned us with their performance of Amazing Love, retelling the Easter Story. Year 3 delivered a wonderful Easter service at St. Edward's Church.

Year 1 and Year 5 started work on their compositions - yr 1 using glockenspiels and yr 5 using technology.

WOW! What an amazing Christmas we had in the music department where every child was involved in a performance. You were all fantastic and we were SO proud of you all.


We've got an exciting time planned:

  • Nursery music starts again this term.
  • Reception will start learning to play the glockenspiel.
  • Year 1 will be learning the song 'In the Groove' and performing in different styles of music - Latin, Folk, Funk, Baroque and Bhangra.
  • Year 2 are looking at the progression of Rock Music and will be learning to sing, play and perform, 'I Wanna Play in a Band'.
  • Year 3 are going to be leading the Easter Service at St. Edward's Church and are starting to learn hymns and readings.
  • Year 4 start rehearsing 'Amazing Love', their Easter Production.
  • Years 5 and 6 are learning about ballads and will be singing, playing and performing 'Make You Feel my Love' in the style of Adele. They will also be composing their own instrumental section on the glockenspiel.


There will be regular updates on our progress with photos and videos, so check back soon!

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