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This term home learning will be sent out on Thursdays and will need to be back in school on Mondays. Maths will be marked on Mondays; reading comprehensions will be marked with the children on Tuesdays and spellings will be tested. Any additional home learning tasks will also be marked on Tuesdays.



On Wednesday, Year 6 were one of four lucky classes invited to spend the day at Marjon College for a “Raising Aspirations”.  The children enjoyed an inspirational talk from Jemma Rose, who has played football at professional and international levels.  They were given the opportunity to ask the Student Ambassadors all sorts of questions about life at University, from the courses available to the really important things like where the gaming room is!  After a picnic lunch on the grass, the children played some team building games and then finished off the day with a talk on “Graduation” and dream jobs.  . 

Eli particularly liked thinking about and drawing himself in his dream job.  Joe thought it was great to be able to ask the student ambassadors questions and find out what it was really like at University, although Marjon doesn’t offer his current career path choice of Mechanical Engineering.  He also wished we could have had a chance to use the swimming pool!  Harvey thought the facilities were great – especially the gaming room and the cinema room!  He also thought it was helpful to know how studying a degree could make some dream jobs much more likely to happen.

Overall, the children enjoyed the day and gained a valuable insight into the value and accessibility of Higher Education.



On 7th June, the whole school enjoyed "Spirit Day" when we all focused on what spirit means to us, how it helps us in our everyday lives and in our learning.  We did some writing, some role play and some art work to reflect our thoughts, feelings and ideas.  Take a look at some of the outcomes below.

This Term in Year 6


Welcome back!  Let's hope this term brings a little more sunshine and a lot less rain than the last!


With SATS looming, there will inevitably be a heavy focus on English (reading, writing and SPAG) and Maths over the next four weeks.  We have Mr Bower coming in to give extra support for the Maths and I will be coming in on a Friday morning to do some extra English with the children.  Once SATS are out of the way, we will be able to spend much more time focusing on topic, ICT and science - hoorah!!  


We have a great topic planned which I think will really appeal to the children.  Those who are fans of Bear Grylls and Steve Backshall will want to dive right in and find out more.  


Please support your children with work that comes home, especially over the next few weeks when they may be feeling a little overwhelmed.  We do our very best to keep the pressures to a minimum, but we also want the children to shine and do their very best on the day.  Early nights and lots of encouragement are just as important as support with the actual work.


I have attached a slightly adjusted timetable above, which reflects the extra boosters in place for the next few weeks.  Please rest assured, the curriculum after SATS will return to a much more balanced one: we will all need it!


If you have any questions, or want to know about ways to support your child in the lead up to SATS and with anything else, please do feel free to contact me either by email, on Class Dojo or by popping in (you may need to make an appointment as I am not in every day)

This term, we will be basing our learning around the novel "Trash" by Andy Mulligan.  The book is set in a fictional Economically Developing Country, and explores the lives of children working on a dumpsite.  Whilst based in a fictional setting, the book rings sadly true of the awful lives of some children and we will be thinking about our wider roles and responsibilities to children like these.


Inevitably, as we move towards the SATS in May, the Year 6 children will need to be focusing more on preparation for these tests in order that they can really show how much they have progressed and to ensure that the outcomes truly reflect their abilities.  This might mean that sometimes the curriculum seems slightly less broad and balanced this term.  Please rest assured, that following SATS we will be returning to a much broader and more balanced curriculum - there will be lots of fun to be had in the Summer Term, so please support your children to focus on their homework tasks this term more than ever.  There may be an increase in the amount of homework set some weeks and occasionally, individuals or groups might be given focus tasks to work on a particular area of need.  Let's all work together - we all have the same aim.


 Mrs Hindson will continue to teach the class on a Monday and Tuesday morning, focusing on Maths and Topic work.  I am in school on a Tuesday afternoon, and all day Wednesday and Thursday, focusing on English and RE.  The children have specialist teachers for the rest of the curriculum. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries at all - no question is too small.  Don't forget, you can also contact me via class dojo.  


Here's to a happy, healthy and fruitful term full of growth in our learning, our attitudes and our relationships.


Mrs Huggins

OUTLINE OF PLANNING FOR THE TERM - subject to change and adaptation according to the learning needs of the class

Autumn Term Learning Overview

Autumn Term Week-by-Week Planning


The power of ‘Yet’!

Over the term we have been thinking about the power of the word ‘Yet’: understanding and believing that if we are unable to complete a task or activity that it isn’t because we can’t and never will, but because we can’t complete it yet.


We have learnt about the importance of having a growth mindset – believing that we can grow our brains through hard work, set-back, criticism and struggle.


A person with a fixed mindset believes that his or her intelligence is static, while a person with a growth mindset believes that his or her intelligence can be developed. The latter group is thus more likely to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and see effort as a natural path to mastery. The distinction between these two extremes has tremendous implications for motivation, productivity, and confidence; in the pursuit of success, mindset is everything.

Year 3 and Year 6 were invited to go along to Clip n Climb this week to be part of their promotional material.  The children were amazing.  The Clip n Climb staff commented on how they had never had such an enthusiastic, energetic group who managed to keep climbing for such a sustained period.

The children showed real courage, determination and spirit in their approach to the morning.  There are some real ninjas amongst them!!

On Thursday 30th November, Year 5/6 visited Princetown on Dartmoor.  


First we had to brave the B3212, and we all know the stories about the Hairy Hands!


We visited Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre which was really interesting.  Arthur Conan Doyle stayed there (it used to be a hotel) when he was writing his most famous novel, "The Hound of the Baskervilles." Some of us dressed up as Sherlock Holmes; others dressed up as inmates - there was no type-casting, I promise!


We also visited the Prison Museum which was fascinating.  We heard some spine-tingling stories and learned some gory facts about life at the prison over the years.

We paid a visit to St Michael's and All Angels Church, built by prisoners of war (French and American).  It is a really beautiful building.


All in all, we had an action-packed day which was topped off by a falling of SNOW!  Christmas must be coming.  Shhh!

Year 5/6 Visit to Princetown

Y6 Family Worship on Remembrance. Well done, everyone. You learned an amazing number of lines, you executed your poems brilliantly and you sang beautifully.

Dartmoor-based Scary Stories - look at our Learning Wall

Dartmoor-inspired Poetry. We looked at photos of Wistman's Wood and talked about the unusual shapes of the trees. We focused on using descriptive language to paint a picture in words. Here are our poems.

Independent learning following our trip to Merrivale

Arts and RE week has been full of asking questions, pondering the answers and reflecting on our own values and beliefs around the topic of "spirituality". Take a look at our work in progress as well as our final masterpieces. Do our finished pieces speak to you of "spirituality"?

Year 6 had a great day at Crealy Adventure Park. We will miss you being part of our class next term.
Scroll down to see photos of our trip to Plymouth Argyle Football Club and some of our recent maths learning. 
Timetable and learning overview

Summer Term Learning Overview

On the 20th of June, Miss Freeman was asked to give evidence for a national commission about the teaching of RE in schools.  Miss Freeman asked us to plan her evidence.  We decided that our themes would be: 'Bad RE', 'Good RE', 'Why we need RE' and also give her some messages for the team.  Here are some of our quotes:

What makes bad RE?

  • Bad RE is when you only find out about one religion.
  • I think RE is bad when the teacher gives their opinion, it is about talking about the views of all people.
  • Bad RE happens when the teacher doesn't know about the subject, it is boring for us the pupils.  We are lucky that this doesn't happen at our school.

What makes good RE?

  • Good RE is about digging deeper and finding out about more than one religion.
  • Good RE is not about being taught to believe something, it is about learning how to respect the beliefs of others.
  • Good RE is listening to everybody's ideas.
  • We are lucky to have a specialist teacher who helps us to go deeper with our learning.
  • Good RE is about being taught in different ways and not just listening to the teacher talk. 

Why do we need RE?

  • We need RE so that people don't treat people of faith differently.We need religious understanding so that we can be respectful of everyone.
  • We don't need a country where RE isn't taught, how would we show understanding?
  • We need RE so that we can challenge the media.
  • RE is important so that we don't see the world in just one way.

Messages for The Core Commission on RE:

  • Please make sure that all schools teach RE.
  • When I go to secondary school, I will choose to study RE because it is inspiring and interesting.  Please make sure that RE is like this for everyone.
  • Think about a way of getting more specialist teachers into primary schools.
  • Come and visit our school so that we can talk to you more in person.


You can read more about CORE using this link 




5.3.17- I have been checking your TTRockstar statistics! I have been looking at your speed and correct responses. I have set you all specific x tables to work on. Log back in when you can!smiley Ms Redwood

Penalty Shoot Out at Home Park, Saturday 18 March 2017

We arrived at Plymouth Argyle (Home Park) where we were met by Daz and Stew.

We were escorted to our seats in the Family Zone where we watched the first half, with Pilgrim Pete (the mascot) cheering on the players and fans.

When it was half time we went onto the pitch with Ms Berry and we played against St Andrews. We won so were very happy!

On our team we had: Wyatt, Preston, Finlay, Holly, Paige and myself (Charlotte). Preston was a really good goalkeeper and only let one goal in. In total we scored 5 goals against a tough goalie.

When we finished we went back to our seats and watched the rest of the match. Plymouth Argyle won 1-0 against Morecombe.


Report by Charlotte, Y6

This week's homelearning:

We have updated the class timetable for this half term.  This can be found at the bottom of the class page.


Last week Pilgrim Pete joined the class for a game of handball!

(See the Science section for further photos).  


Yaseen's homelearning- yummy!

More cake from Seren!

We hope you have all managed to have a restful half term break!

Ms Redwood and Mrs Huggins will continue to teach the class in the mornings and Ms Berry will be the Class Teacher in the afternoons.


For the next 6 weeks the children will be taking part in a Move and Learn Project with PAFC.  The aim of the project is to learn the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and the benefits of an active lifestyle for both physical and emotional well-being.  

The sessions will take place every Wednesday (apologies for the previous incorrect day) after lunch and will involve a 45 minute physical activity, followed by a 45 minute classroom based activity.

Please see the Science section for updates on the Project! 

Please could all children therefore have their PE kits at school on this day

Our Stars!

smileyOur Learning Starsmiley




heartOur Values Starheart



Keep up the great work!!

This week we have been exploring fractions

We have elected two children from the class to represent us in the School Council.  

Congratulations to the following children, we know you will do a fantastic job smiley


Year 5 - Preston  Year 6 - Charlotte 

Looking for somewhere to visit during the holidays? Have a look at Finlay and Harvey's home learning posters.

On Wednesday 25th January, a team of Year 5 boys took to the world of finance at All Saints Academy for the Stock Market Challenge Day. There were 16 teams from a range of Plymouth Primary schools competing to make the most money! Each team had a Financial Analyst, Media Analyst, Floor Trader and Financial Manager, taking it in turns each 'day' to experience the different roles.10 fake companies were set up on a board which worked in the same way as a real trading board; share and dollar prices fluctuated according to the companies' progress and the international market. Our real time was broken into 5 week days with the trading bell sounding the start and end of each day. Newspapers were bought each morning, there were regular TV and radio news bulletins and news flashes that could change the fortunes of the teams! A trading floor was set up for the teams to buy and sell their shares. Emotions ran high with each passing day as the boys interpreted, predicted and discussed whether to buy or sell! An already exciting day was further enhanced when the fire alarm sounded at lunchtime. This did not deter our fantastic team of traders who made a profit of £3500!
Please note that there was an incorrect date on the overview sent home with Year 5/6 at the end of term. The school sleepover event will take place Thursday 16th March NOT January!

Our current learning in maths around understanding numbers- decimals, negative and big numbers. We are also measuring and converting measurements.

+Sport Move and Learn Project Week 3 - Handball

We were excited to have Stew and Pilgrim Pete in for our most recent session! The children were taught how to play a competitive game of handball and afterwards, learnt about nutrition and the importance of a varied diet. 
This half term we are continuing our Living Things unit.  We have used the plastic bottles sent in at the beginning of the half term to grow our own plants to study  - photos will follow shortly showing the progress of these! We have also been observing the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly in the classroom.  We have watched our caterpillars grow in size and they have now crawled to the top of the cup they are in to become chrysalides.  

PAFC +Sport Move and Learn Project

We need several empty plastic bottles (such as large fizzy drinks or squash bottles)

to assist with a study of plants and how they reproduce after half term.  

If you have any at home please could you send them in.

Thank you!

Much fun was had when Dazza from PAFC taught the class some impressive ball skills.  This was followed by a lesson covering the importance of exercise, where the children impressed us with their knowledge of the circulatory system which we had looked at during last half term's Science.    

A fun filled afternoon was had by all in the Y5/6 classroom making Brush Monsters! We used our knowledge of circuits (from last term’s Science lessons) to create motorised monsters using a dustpan and brush. The monsters were personalised using feathers, pom poms and googly eyes. We spent some time using our problem solving skills to improve our work – how could we make our monsters move in a straight line? Why were some moving in circles? At the end we had a monster race!!!


This was part of a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) workshop provided by Babcock LDP.


This term we have been writing our own creation stories. This was our learning wall. Our stories will follow shortly - watch this space!


We spent the afternoon studying Maya weaving techniques after which we wove our own mats. We also created Maya headdresses. We held a competition to see who could create the tallest headdress to be a Maya King or Queen.


This term’s topic is the Mighty Mayas! Here is a photo of our learning wall, which is a work in progress. We have spent some time locating Guatemala on the map and have discussed some of the key features of Maya History. This has prompted us to ask questions and we will endeavour to find the answers to these as we delve deeper into the topic.



School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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