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Children's University

Children's University is a national initiative. Children can go to different learning lectures and activities outside of school hours through the programme. For every activity they attend, they get a stamp in their ‘passports to learning’, which they save up to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates.

Children will be presented with their certificates in school and once they reach a gold level, they are invited to a 'graduation ceremony' held annually to celebrate their achievements.

For more information about award levels and events, please look at the Devon & Cornwall Children’s University website:

 At the end of each term, we will ask for all passports to be returned to school , where they will be stamped and certificates issued in assembly. If your child doesn’t attend any validated clubs outside school, we can hold on to their passports for safe keeping.

All school clubs have been validated by Devon & Cornwall Children’s University, but you might need to check outside of school clubs, to see if they have been validated. If you have any outside of schools clubs that you would like to nominate, please send me their email address into school and these will be forwarded  onto Devon & Cornwall CU to validate.

Short Story Competition

  • St Matthew's Church of England Primary and Nursery
  • 1 Peregrine Road,Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5FN
  • Telephone number : 01752 395969
  • Mobile telephone number : 07308891852