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Attendance Facts from the Education Welfare officer

You will be aware that much emphasis is placed on good attendance for pupils.  This is based on a well-researched link between good attendance, pupil achievement and wellbeing. 

Good attendance means that the children:

  • Are in school to enjoy the wonderful learning
  • Build strong friendships and social skills
  • Develop lifelong skills
  • Do not miss out on opportunities that other children have
  • Increase their attainment and progress levels
  • Are more likely to reach their potential
  • Are more prepared for their next stage of learning 


Each half term Mrs Knight works with the Education Welfare Officer in school to look at pupil attendance to help us work with families where attendance is not at the nationally expected level of 95%.  For children who fall below 95% we send home reminder letters for parents so that they are aware and can work with the school, if needed, to improve their child’s time in school.  For reference I have included a summary table of % of missed school and what it means:  


Percentage Attendance How much school is missed Other useful notes
95% Two weeks per year This is the minimum percentage that most children achieve each year.
90% Four school weeks per year This is roughly equivalent to 3/4 of a school year over their time at St Matthew's.  It is very likely to have a significant impact on a child's outcomes, friendship groups and well being.
85% Six school weeks per year An attendance percentage of this would mean that the child misses over a whole school year during their time at St Matthew's.  Research suggests that this can significantly harm a child's education and lifelong chances.







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