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6C Mr Case

Welcome to Year 6 


Our PE times are on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that PE kits are in school on these days. 

Home Learning


There is now an expectation that that all the children will undertake daily practise of set spellings, either from the Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling List or from a previous year's common exception word list. These words will be tested everyday from Monday to Thursday with a 'big' test of all of the week's words on a Friday. Children will bring their words home daily in the home learning book and be expected to bring this into school everyday. 



Children need to read a minimum of 3 times per week and share their reading with an adult. Please help children discover new vocabulary and ask your child questions about what they are reading to support their comprehension skills.


Times Table Knowledge:

Children need to know all of the related multiplication and division facts up to 12x12. All children have a TT Rockstars account and need to be practising at least 3 times per week. This will ensure quick recall of such facts is available to them during maths lessons. 



Traditional Tales - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Our class teacher is: Mr Case

We are supported by Miss Jones


If you need to contact Mr Case please email:


Dragonfly Anxiety Booklet


Further to our work supporting the mental health and wellbeing of students during the exam season, we have published a free booklet about how to deal with anxiety, which can be given to students and/or parents. Please find a copy attached; there is also a link to the free download from our website, should you prefer to share this via a link: 


Opening of The Range (Derriford)

6C were invited to sing at the opening of The Range. The children, conducted by Mrs. Caddick, did a wonderful job! It was fantastic to see so many of you there supporting the children. 



Still image for this video

Safer Internet Day 2019

5th February 2019

Together for a Better Internet!

To mark Safer Internet Day 2019, we discussed the meaning of consent and consent in the digital world. We explored how young people ask for, give and receive consent online. 


Our Key Learning Points:

Consent is another word for permission. We need to ask for permission for some things and give permission for others, when we’re online as well as offline.


It’s important to check how people feel about an action before you do it. 


Sometimes organisations will ask permission before they do something that might affect you or your account – for example, collecting your personal information.


Asking for and giving permission is an opportunity to make a choice about your life online.


We then looked at various different situations and had to decide what the right choice for each scenario would be. Mr Case and Miss Jones encouraged us to justify our thinking. 


During the lesson, we made 'personal post-its', to help us understand what consent and permission meant, the contents of the post-its were shared without permission. We explored how this made us feel. As a class, we then understood that the choices we make are important not only for ourselves but for others too.  


We also talked about the power of 'No' and that it is important to respect somebody's wishes. We learnt that pressuring somebody to give consent when the don't want to is unfair, unnecessary and can be a form of cyber-bullying. We thought about the fact that pressuring somebody to give consent online when they don't want to may result in them agreeing to something that they feel uncomfortable with. 




Anti-Bullying Week

This week in class we have been considering the various forms that bullying can take. We talked  about what bullying is and how we can help ourselves and others if they are being bullied. 


First of all, we considered the definition of bullying. We concluded that bullying is when something happens SEVERAL TIMES ON PURPOSE. We use the acronym STOP to help us remember this. Bullying is REPETITIVE – which means it happens again and again.  It is not the same as something happening once.


We considered what 'Indirect Bullying' means. 

Indirect bullying:

  • Leaving people out of groups or games
  • Gossiping about people
  • Talking about someone behind their backs
  • Standing by and watching


As a class we then discussed what we need to do if someone is bullying you. We also talked about what we should do if we know somebody is being bullied. We decided that we  should always tell someone we trust – a parent, teacher, older relative. If you make sure someone knows what you have seen, they can make sure it is dealt with.







WB: 29.10.18

Our Learning Star for this week: Sion for determined effort to make progress with long division. All of 6C for a superb attitude to learning.


Our Values Stars for this week:  Will for caring for our younger children at lunchtimes. 


Everybody is striving to make progress and showing excellent growth mindsets. Well done Year 6!! 

WB: 15.10.18

Our Learning Star for this week: Kiera for sustained effort and concentration during our art day. 


Our Values Stars for this week: Poppy for showing courage during our art day. She demonstrated this by persevering and really experimenting and taking a risk. 

Home Learning - Half Term

For the half term break, I have sent home three reading challenges for the children to complete. 

Reading frequently is really important. Please use the prompt questions when reading to really help your child's understanding of the text they are reading. 


I have also sent home a record of the Year 5 / 6 spelling test. The children have highlighted the spellings that they got incorrect. Please continue to work on these at home.


Have an enjoyable break!

Mr. Case

WB: 01.10.18

Our Learning Star for this week: Callum for making super learning choices and always remaining on-task during lessons. Callum is showing a great attitude to his learning. Well done Callum 


Our Values Stars for this week: Leo for being a great friend and showing the value of 'love'. 

WB: 24.09.18

Our Learning Star for this week: Nesi for excellent effort in maths. It has been great to see her grow in confidence, try her best and participate in her learning. 


Our Values Stars for this week: Abi for showing love by being a good friend and helping others when they are injured.

Extra Home Learning Challenge

Using the inspiring image below, write a setting description. Use a variety of sentence starters to make your writing interesting for the reader. Can you use all of the ISPACE sentence starters? Think carefully about the descriptive devices we have been learning about. 

Remember the basics - accurate punctuation and neat, joined handwriting. 

Picture credit: 

WB: 17.09.18

Our Learning Star for this week: Will for great mathematical reasoning and explanations. Through use of detailed maths talk he was able to support a friend who was finding the learning a challenge. 


Our Values Stars for this week: Luke for showing love by being a good friend and helping others when they injure themselves. Theo for supporting his peers when they are finding things difficult.



This week, it was National Coding week. To mark the occasion in Year 6, were looking at Algorithms and Debugging. To understand these concepts, the children had to program Mr. Case to make a bottle of juice. They soon realised that the Algorithm (set of instructions) had to be clear and precise. 6C then used Scratch to explore visual programming. The children build blocks of code to perform actions. When the actions didn't happen as expected, the children had to debug (fix) the algorithm. 





This week the children worked with Mrs. Flage to produce some wonderful works of Art based on our topic of 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Be sure to have a look at some examples below. I was amazed at the talents that the children demonstrated. 


Collective Worship

We have been considering our Christian Values and reflecting on our school as a church school. We thought about what makes us unique and how we let our lights shine. 



Home Learning

This week, we would like the children to continue to battle on Times Table Rock Stars to develop their fluency and speed in their Times Tables. An additional maths challenge will be available on the class page for those wishing to complete it in their Home Learning books.



Set: 21.09.18                                                       Due: 26.09.18

We are learning the rules for spelling plurals
  1. bruises
  2. rhymes
  3. wishes
  4. yachts
  5. systems
  6. sandwiches
  7. strawberries
  8. dictionaries
  9. potatoes
  10. identities


Additional Challenge





All Creatures Great and Small


Our Learning Star for this week: Poppie for excellent participation in her learning and responding well to the feedback that she receives. 


Our Values Star for this week: Amelia for being a great friend to everybody and showing the value of love, particularly during competitive games in class.



This week, we have started reading our core-text 'Running Wild'. We have learnt about modal verbs and we used these to make some predictions about the text. We looked at the cover of the book read the blurb. We looked at all of the clues available to us and used these as evidence to justify our predictions. We had great fun using our imagination to speculate what might happen in the story. 



Home Learning

This week's task focuses on consolidating what the children have been learning in class about modal verbs. The spellings for this week are homophones. Creating images such as the ones below may help. I will be displaying some of these on our learning wall.









This week:

What a great start to Year 6 we have had! I am delighted to welcome the children to Year 6 at St. Matthew's Academy.  

It has been a busy few days settling into Year 6 and getting used to life on the top floor. I have uploaded an overview timetable for Year 6 below. This give you an outline of what different types of learning will be happening. Of course, this is an overview and is subject to change. 


In maths this week we have been playing with number and really warming our maths brain up. We have started to learn a new game called 'Nice or Nasty' (see below). This is a game that can easily be played at home. If you are supporting your child at home by playing this game, ask them to dazzle you with their super explanations by justifying why they have put the number rolled in a particular box.



Home Learning:

Today, the Home Learning project has been set, please see below for further information. A date will be confirmed for the exhibition - it will be great to welcome everybody to share the learning that we have been doing in Year 6. 



Just to remind you, for children to be working at the 'Expected Standard' in Writing at the end of Year 6, they need to be able to spell correctly most words from the Year 5 and Year 6 spelling list. Spelling tests and tasks will focus on these and the spelling rules that underpin the spelling patterns within the Year 3,4,5 and 6 spelling lists. You will find the word lists below. I will be completing a spelling assessment with all children and letting you know the outcome. Your support in helping the children learn spellings, spelling patterns and rules is greatly appreciated.

Year 5 & 6 Home Learning 

This term our core text is Michael Morpurgo’s Running Wild. The story is set in Indonesia. For your term Home Learning task, we would like you to complete a research task on an aspect of Indonesia. This could be about the wildlife (linking to our theme of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’), the human and physical geography of the area or cultures and customs of the country.

The work will form part of an exhibition to celebrate our learning this term. It could take the form of a poster presentation, an art-based project or an information booklet. Be as creative as possible.

The date for this will be confirmed at a later stage.

Set: 07/09/18                                                 Due: 02/11/18

Year 5


It is important that the children in Year 5 continue to read regularly and still have the opportunity to share books and reading with adults. It is recommended to read everyday and it would be great if the children in 5A can read at home with an adult at least twice a week. Take the time to settle down together and enjoy a book. Have a look at the Year 5 recommended book list below for some excellent book choices.


The power of ‘Yet’!

Over the term we have been thinking about the power of the word ‘Yet’: understanding and believing that if we are unable to complete a task or activity that it isn’t because we can’t and never will, but because we can’t complete it yet.


We have learnt about the importance of having a growth mindset – believing that we can grow our brains through hard work, set-back, criticism and struggle.


A person with a fixed mindset believes that his or her intelligence is static, while a person with a growth mindset believes that his or her intelligence can be developed. The latter group is thus more likely to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and see effort as a natural path to mastery. The distinction between these two extremes has tremendous implications for motivation, productivity, and confidence; in the pursuit of success, mindset is everything.


In year 5 we have discussed and celebrated our ‘mistakes’ and have completed class problem solving challenges where we were faced with struggle and set-back. Our effort is celebrated through marking and our ‘Wow’ wall and we have ensured that our classroom is a safe environment for all of us to try, succeed and fail in an effort to grow in confidence and attainment.


A big well done to Ben and Harri for coming 3rd in the Plymouth schools TT Rockstars Red Carpet Challenge! The boys represented St Matthew's this week with their amazing, super-speedy times tables knowledge. In an arena battle the boys got through to the semi finals and came 3rd overall! You are both indeed 'Rock Legends!'


Soap Making for the PTFA Summer Fair 


Wow! We had a hot afternoon making and creating soap to sell at this years school summer fair. 

As a part of a fundraising effort the PTFA have given Year 5 £50 to run an enterprise stall. We have decided to make a variety of home-made soap to sell - from 'Oat and Honey' to 'Lavender and Honeyblossom' and many different citrus combinations we will be squeaky clean and smelling fresh whilst raising money for our wonderful school. 


A great big THANK YOU to some amazing parent volunteers who came in to support the children creating their soaps today. 


Make sure you come and check out our finished products this week at the fair. 




Challenge Antarctica!

This week we had a visit from Barry Grey, who heads up the project, 'Challenge Antarctica'. Barry came in to speak our year 5 and 6 about surviving in the Antarctic and the skills, equipment and knowledge needed to survive at such extreme temperatures. 

The children watched an interactive presentation to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing humans who explore the polar region before getting a hands on experience of what equipment and specialist clothing would be needed to survive an expedition. 

We followed the session with interview questions so that we can create a magazine interview page to share our new knowledge of what it takes to survive in the Arctic. 

A big thank you to Barry for taking the time to visit and share his amazing experiences with us. 


UNICEF Enterprise Event

A HUGE well done to Year 5 for their hard work and fantastic fundraising skills! We managed to raise over £430 for UNICEF at our enterprise event on the last day of the Spring term. 

We could not have done this without the support of our parents, families and friends and we would also like to thank Plymouth Argyle for their signed balls and Burts Crisps for their kind donations.

Keep a look out for some photos of the event, which will be added this week! 

Raising Awareness of Autism

This week is 'World Autism Awareness Week', and to celebrate and raise awareness in school we have worn mufti and donned our silly socks! Throughout the week we have discussed what autism is, how it affects those that have it and how we can be good friends to our peers who have autism. Take a look at our fundraising efforts with our silly socks!!


Maths Outside the Classroom!

We took our maths lesson outside the classroom today to order and compare decimals, fractions and percentages. We had lots of opportunity for discussion and space to think and reason around our choices. Using the sentence stem, 'I know that....' we were able to give justified reasons for why 0.981 was bigger than 98 hundredths and why  2 fifths is bigger than 37%. 

Year 5 Fusion Event at Tor Bridge High.


We had a fantastic day yesterday exploring Tor Bridge High and participating in a range of exciting lessons with other local Year 5 children. 

We were greeted by the transitions lead, Mrs Davison, who welcomed us warmly to the school before meeting and mixing with other year 5 children from three other local primary schools. We all had a chance to experience three different lessons delivered by secondary school teachers before heading to the assembly hall for lunch and a concert! 

Many of us got to explore what a secondary P.E, Science, English, Design Technology and Social Science was like as well as get a feel for the school and the extra curricular opportunities they provide to children in Year 7.


Here Josh and William are writing a persuasive speech explaining why Jessica Ennis-Hill is an inspirational women. 



We had the opportunity to undertake some very cool experiments in the science lab!


We learnt about Erika Cremer and her role in crematography before dissolving inks to find the different mix of colours used. 


Finally we were able to use different types of salts to produce a range of colours using the bunsen burner.


Thank you to Tor Bridge for hosting such a worthwhile day!

Fun With Fractions!

Year 5 have been improving their knowledge of fractions and securing their understanding of comparing and ordering fractions as well as adding fractions with different denominators - we know that we need to make both fractions the same type before adding them together! We will be continuing with fractions after the half term. Please take a look at our current Maths Learning Wall. 

Gross Science!

To finish our learning on the heart and the circulatory system we had the opportunity to watch the dissection of a heart this week. The lesson was not for the faint-hearted! 

With fascination the children were able see all the key parts of the heart and recognise where the de-oxygenated and oxygenated blood would enter and exit the heart. 

Stock Market Challenge Day 23rd January 2018

5 members of our class attended the Stock Market Challenge Day at All Saints Academy on Tuesday, 23rd January. As St. Matt's Asset Governors (comprising of Finance Manager, Asset Manager, Media Specialist and Floor Traders) they had to decide when to buy or when to sell shares in ficticious companies, the goal being to be the team to make the most profit. Each 'day' they received a morning newspaper, radio broadcasts, television news articles and news flashes from which they had to try to decide if the shares would increase or decrease.  A stock market board displayed the share price information and fluctuations as each 'day' went on. 6 trading days were packed into our one day and there was a frenzy of activity on the trading floor! Starting with £15,000, our team finished the day with £23,100; a profit of £8,100! A great day was had by all and the Asset Governors displayed fantastic team skills, definitely needed during the buy/sell debates!

Trashy Poems

To kick start our literacy this term we created Haiku poems using our topic 'Trash' as inspiration. We learnt about the structure of a Haiku Poem - 3 lines: first line having 5 syllables; second line 7 syllables and the last line finishing with 5 syllables. 

Please take a look at the images below to see our learning journey and some of our finished poems. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Christmas came early to St Matthew's today and in Year 5 we enjoyed making Christmas Decorations and taking a visit to Father Christmas' Grotto. I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all of 5A for all their hard work this term. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break with your family and friends. 


See you in the New Year!

Creating Information Leaflets

This week in literacy and topic we have been researching, building, editing and creating persuasive information leaflets. The children worked in trios to produce a leaflet detailing the three places they visited during our trip to Princetown - St Michael and All Angels Church, the Dartmoor Prison Museum and the Princetown Visitor centre. One of the team played the role of the team leader to ensure everyone was on task and able to meet our printing deadline. Please take a look at our learning journey and some examples of our excellent work below.


Dartmoor Prison Museum visit.

On Thursday 30th November, Year 5/6 visited Princetown on Dartmoor.  


First we had to brave the B3212, and we all know the stories about the Hairy Hands!


We visited Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre which was really interesting.  Arthur Conan Doyle stayed there (it used to be a hotel) when he was writing his most famous novel, "The Hound of the Baskervilles." Some of us dressed up as Sherlock Holmes; others dressed up as inmates - there was no type-casting, I promise!


We also visited the Prison Museum which was fascinating.  We heard some spine-tingling stories and learned some gory facts about life at the prison over the years.

We paid a visit to St Michael's and All Angels Church, built by prisoners of war (French and American).  It is a really beautiful building.


All in all, we had an action-packed day which was topped off by a falling of SNOW!  Christmas must be coming.  Shhh

Fire Safety

On Wednesday we had the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service visit year 5. We engaged in a classroom safety talk where we learnt about 'Hoax Calls' and the dangers involved with making them, the importance of having a smoke alarm in the home and how we can make a 'Fire Escape Plan' to follow in an emergency at home. 

Following the class safety talk, we went outside and explored the fire engine, learnt about key equipment the service use and even got to use the hose!



Crime & Punishment.


This week we launched our new topic - Crime and Punishment.

The children had a visit from the Navy and Maritime History Museum where Keith, a museum lecturer, delivered a fascinating lecture on Crime and Punishment through the 17th and 18th Century in Plymouth. The children were captivated by the content of the session, which included details of typical crimes of that period in history as well as the gruesome and gory details of the punishments administered. The children will be following on from the visit with an independent learning task of their choice. 



Writing Instructional Texts

Traditional Scone Recipes

This week, in English, we have been looking at the features of instructional texts. The children have read different recipes to understand the different features specific to cooking instructions. Following this, we have looked in detail at the passive verb form and using relative clauses in our writing. We then had a chance to taste and evaluate different types of scones before we made and baked our own using a traditional scone recipe. (A big THANK YOU to James for baking our scones and to some of our wonderful parents for volunteering to help us make them.)

To finish the unit we improved the original recipe and created our own recipe introductions having researched the origin and history of the scone and English Cream Tea. 


Take a look at some of our recipes and have a go at making your very own scones this week! 






Stop the Press!

On Thursday, Cody, Callum and Dylan from our class, alongside James in Yr 4 had the opportunity to visit Home Park and participate in a real press conference. The children were given the opportunity to become real journalists (putting into action the skills learnt in the 'Young Journalist Club' and interview a star player. 


Dartmoor Scary Stories

This week the children have completed their literacy unit on 'Dartmoor Scary Stories'. We have had lots of fun reading and identifying what makes a story scary and what writing devices we need to use to create interesting and exciting Dartmoor legends. I have been extremely impressed with the class' enthusiasm and passion for writing and most children wanted to take their stories home to share with family and friends. 

Please take a look at our English Learning wall which we used continuously during the unit to plan, highlight and magpie successful and interesting vocabulary, phrases and writing techniques. 



Our Class Trip to Merrivale on Dartmoor.

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic visit to Merrivale on Dartmoor this week. The children were guided across the Moor by two amazing Dartmoor Rangers, who explained the different land use, ancient features and wonders of the area. The children had the chance to ask questions, discover historical remnants and sketch the landscape. 



We have had a wonderful start to the Autumn Term and have had a week filled with R.E and Art. The children have been given opportunities to ponder, reflect and ask questions in search of understanding 'Spirituality', discuss and create fantastic artwork to represent psalms from the bible, as well as making their own Lotus Flowers based on the story of 'Enlightenment' celebrated within Buddhism. 

Please take a look at some of our pictures below, and be sure to come and visit the exhibition taking place in the KS2 Library on Monday 11th at 3pm. 



Take a look at us 'loving our learning' when we were in Y4

Year 4 were treated this week to a virtual reality tour of the Mayflower Ship. The children explored using the head sets and controllers. They were truly immersed in their learning!

Spring Term Learning:


Please take a look at our overview and planning for this term.



The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the school sleep over. Many games were played, including sardines, pizza was eaten and films watched. It was such an enjoyable night and the children enjoyed quality time with each other and their teachers/student teachers.

We did some fantastic research as part of our learning on non-chronological reports. We have been looking at facts about Plymouth using the iPads and have been looking at how to search online safely at the same time.

Wow! Everyone was so impressed with your home learning projects on Guatemalan animals. There were some extremely creative ideas on display for the children, teachers and parents to see. We are always proud of any learning you take on outside of the classroom in whichever form it comes, whether that is in the form of these projects, your daily read, your times tables practice or your spellings. A big well done to everyone!

WELL DONE to our VALUES STAR, Henry, who has shown love and spirit all week. Particularly as he has supported and comforted children in the playground who had fallen over. 


WELL DONE to our LEARNING STAR, Joe, who has worked so incredibly hard with his fraction learning by showing great enthusiasm and proving that he really can persevere when he meets a challenge. 

This week we have had so many opportunities for the children to read in class because of World Book Day. To celebrate all of the children went the extra mile with their book character themed costumes which we were blown away by. A big thank you to all at home who helped prepare these and make the day such a wonderful experience.

This week we have been looking at letters. We will be writing our letters to send to a school in North America on Monday next week. The children are so excited to get some replies. Have a look at our working wall which the children made to help them over the next couple of weeks. We will be adding to this throughout.

This week the children have been working with their Specialist Teacher Mrs Flage to look at Puppets in art. They researched different puppets and made some fantastic drawings of these. Then the children made some paper puppets. With only one sheet of paper and the use a glue stick they could show you how at home!

Year 4 have been looking closely at our school value of 'Love' this week through a range of activities. For example, we made friendship bracelets to show our love to others and presented these as part of our family worship. It certainly was a very lovely occasion for all involved.

We have had some fantastic learning taking place recently. Year 4 have been looking at the physical features of Guatemala as part of our topic on the Mayans. They explored the different parts of the classroom looking for quotes and photographs taken from scientists and locals and then carried out their own research using the laptops. So much was achieved and their explorer fact sheets look amazing!

We were so impressed with our fantastic Year 4 swimmers. They displayed so many of our school values including showing courage when racing and love for each other when supporting . All of the staff and parents who watched were so proud!


WELL DONE to our VALUES STARLeo, who showed courage through persevering when he found finishing his creation story challenging.


WELL DONE to our LEARNING STARDylan,  who was proactive in her learning and made a huge effort despite being away for a few days last week. 

As you can see this week the children have been making great use of their working walls to support their learning. The children have shared some wonderful ideas in both mathematics and English allowing the whole class to collaborate and for the children to be more independent when writing their Creation Stories.


This week in science we looked at the different parts of a plant. The children dissected a range of plants and labelled the different parts with Mr Jolley. As you can see from the photos some excellent progress was made and the results were fantastic! 


We also started our plant investigations where we looked at the requirements for a plant to grow and live. The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating this as scientists. Our 'Science Monitors' this week are Harry and Bella who will be taking care of our classroom plants and we will all be recording their growth every few days.


A very busy week in Year 4. In Maths we have been learning about negative numbers using number lines and thermometers. In English we are comparing Ancient Maya and Ancient Egyptian creation stories. On Tuesday, we welcomed Madame Usher to our classroom for our first French lesson. We can say what our name is, ask someone their name and say 'good morning' and 'goodbye'. We would love to practise with you! Thursday was our Ancient Maya hook day. We made Chieftan headdresses, learnt to weave using strips of material and created hoops of woven paper. We discussed the roles of the Chiefs and priests. Please take a look at the photos of us working together. 

Happy New Year!smiley

Next week in year 4:


We will be welcoming our final year student teacher Mr Jolley into our class. Mr Jolley will be with us until Easter and we are very much looking forward to meeting and learning alongside him!


Year 4 have been asked to help Mrs Scarboro and the team in the nursery during lunchtime. Any children wishing to volunteer will be able to express an interest in the form of a letter and we will carefully choose two people to assist in the nursery each day.    


St Matthew's school council elections will take place next week. We will be holding our year 4 election on Monday. Good luck to all of those children who decide to nominate themselves. 

In our RE lessons we have been finding out about the Christian view of creation and science.  We read Genesis chapter one as a class and talked about whether or not it answered scientific questions.  In some of our other lessons we have talked about what Christian scientists might think about creation and the differing views that Christians might have.  Miss Freeman asked us to write our views down and reflect on our learning.  
EUREKA! As a start to our new topic, Years 4, 5 and 6 had a fantastic afternoon exploring electricity using batteries, wires and bulbs. The aim was to make the bulb light up. There was no intervention from the adults, just lots of experimenting! The results were amazing with all the groups making the bulb light. Our scientists then went on to see what would happen if they added more bulbs or batteries.

Year 4, 5 and 6 dominoes investigation- working together

For the past 2 weeks, years 5 and 6 have been exploring numbers up to 10,000,000. This week, we have had a particular focus on decimal numbers. You may like to explore ordering decimals numbers as a family by playing the following game on the nrich maths website:


So what have we been up to since the start of term?


Topic: We recently enjoyed a pirate themed day and a visit from storyteller Clive Pig. Have a look at some of the fabulous learning we have enjoyed and the fun we have had!

Maths: In maths we have been  consolidating and extending our knowledge of number and place value. We've used a range of resources to help us when using larger numbers.

English: In English we have been performing and writing pirate themed poetry.

Have a look at when we were loving learning in Y3/4/5 when we were with Miss Coombes...

We all got our swimmimng awards today! We have all made super progress swimming and been really brave.

St Matthew's Triptic

Greek Gods and Goddesses Day

Some of us have been using Base Ten and Place Value Counters to identufy the value of each digit in a number, as well as to order numbers.

The Digestive system

We started to learn about this in science, but if you would like to revise the topic have a look at the links below. click here to see how different foods are digested in your system. - click here to find out more information about each part works and some fun facts.

Wonderful World Homelearning Projects

We loved watching everyone's presentations, finding out some new and interesting facts about animals we saw at the zoo.  

We found out about skeletons today and created large pictures using our own bodies as well as making gingerbread skeletons! They were yummy!

St Mark & St John's Visit

Some of our Year 3, 4 and 5 children had a morning out at Marjons to interview trainee teachers with a mock School Council interview session. We enjoyed sharing our learning experiences with them and answering their questions about our school. We also enjoyed sharing Mrs Smith's joke with them too! (Why was the sand cross? Because the sea weed!)


If you are going to steal my joke , at least get it right!!!! " Why did the crab cry? Because the sea weed"   LOL Mrs Smith 

Be Safe, Be Seen Day

Ryan from Sustrans came into each class to talk about dressing to impress and make sure people and cars can see you. We all dressed very brightly and some of us won prizes for our efforts. Thank you Ryan we all know its important to wear bright colours and reflectors.

St Matthew's Art Day

Mrs Bright came in to work with us to make coins to decorate our St Matthew's collage, which will reflect his job as a tax collector. We used magnifying glasses to really focus on the detail in the foreign coins we were sketching before we made them out of clay.

Sketching vehicles around school

Table Tennis coaches visit our class.

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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