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5A Mrs Andrews

Welcome to Class 5A


Class Teacher: Mrs Andrews 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hole


If you would like to contact either Mrs Andrews or Mrs Hole we are available after school most days and by class Dojo messenger or email on


PE will take place on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure PE kit is in school for these lessons. 

Home Learning.


There is now an expectation that all the children will undertake daily practise of set spellings, either from the Year 5 and 6 statutory spelling list or from a previous year's common exception word list. These words will be tested everyday from Tuesday to Thursday with a 'big' test of all of the week's words on a Friday. Children will bring their words home daily in their home learning book and will be expected to bring this into school everyday. Tests will be stuck into their books so that scores can be shared and celebrated at home and further practise undertaken of the words they are still unsure of.



Children need to read a minimum of 3 times per week and share their reading with an adult. Please help children discover new vocabulary and ask your child questions about what they are reading to support their comprehension skills. Please sign and comment on the progress of your child's reading in their reading diary.


Times Table Knowledge:

Children need to know all of the related multiplication and division facts up to 12x12. All children have a TT Rockstars account and need to be practising at least 3 times per week. This will ensure quick recall of such facts is available to them during maths lessons. 








This Week Our Learning Star Is.....

Violet for showing determination in Maths!




This Week Our Values Star Is...

Oliver for showing love to his friends when supporting them in Maths.


It is important that the children in Year 5 continue to read regularly and still have the opportunity to share books and reading with adults. It is recommended to read everyday and it would be great if the children in 5A can read at home with an adult at least twice a week. Take the time to settle down together and enjoy a book. Have a look at the Year 5 recommended book list below for some excellent book choices.


Children in year 5 will be given weekly spellings to practise and learn in preparation for a spelling test each Friday morning. The spellings will be taught inline with the National Curriculum statutory spelling list, which children are expected to know by the end of year 6. Spellings will be given in sentences and children will need to copy and complete the sentence to practise the spelling and understand the correct use and definition of the words. 


The Statutory list can be found in their Home Learning books as well as on the link below.  

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling List


It is important that the children in Year 5 are confident in the knowledge and recall of all their times table facts up to 12x12. We will encourage weekly practise of these and have a fantastic online resource for this through TT Rockstars. All KS2 children with have their own account and can access this from home as well as during dedicated tie in school. 


It is also important that children are confident in the application of all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children in Year 5 will undertake 'fluency' tasks at least 3 times per week where they will practise these operations. If you would like to support in this the webiste 'My Mini Maths' is a fantastic resource.  

Time Travellers Hook Day!

We had lots of fun kick-starting the term with our historical themed hook day. The children had the opportunity to dress up as an inspirational person from British history and were expected to deliver a short speech detailing their person's achievements and explaining why they are worthy of being remembered in our country's history. 

We had children presenting historical information about Boudicca, Henry VIII, WW2 Evacuees, Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale to name a few. 

After our presentations we placed our important people on our class time-line to document and understand significant time periods. 

Safer Internet Day!

We took part in Safer Internet Day with a workshop looking at the importance of permission. We explored what it is, what it looks and sounds like and how it feels to have information shared about us without our permission. 


We also watched an e-safety video about 'likes, shares and friends' and how to react, respond to and report uncomfortable and inappropriate behaviour and content online. 

You can watch these with your children using the following link. There is also a wealth of information and online support on the website:


                      British Science Week!

We joined in with British Science Week and discovered how blood travels around our bodies. We learned about the circulatory system, the heart and the components of blood. We then worked out the percentages of different parts of the blood and then made our own blood using different ingredients to represent Plasma, Platelets, Red blood cells and White blood cells. 



Celebrating World Book Day!

We had lots of fun on Thursday when we took part in World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, enjoyed story time and had a chance at creating illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake. 

Tor Bridge High Fusion Event

On Tuesday, Year 5 took a trip to Tor Bridge High where they got to experience what secondary school life is like. The children took part in a series of different lessons with other year 5 children from the local area. The day was themed around the word ‘Unique’ and the lessons covered different elements of what makes us unique and what uniqueness is.

We enjoyed Science, P.E, English,Art, Drama and Maths lessons, before watching a fantastic musical performance whilst we had lunch.

Our children were fantastic role models and all let their lights shine throughout the day!



Supporting a Local Business Opening with Plymouth Inspired Artwork!

Creating tiles to display at The Range

We were asked to create some Plymouth inspired tiles to support the launch of the new 'Range' flagship store in Derriford. 

Using a range of porcelien and glass paints and pens we created some eye-cathing designs including: Smeaton's Tower, The Tamar Bridge, Devonport Towers, Naval Warships, St Andrew's Church and other statues and buildings we know and love. 

Anti - Bullying Week!

This week we have used the Pixar animation, 'For The Birds' to promt a class discussion about bullying. We thought about the different actions of the characters, the responses from everyone in the film and the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters. 

At school we use the STOP message for bullying, which shows the children that bullying is when someone does or says an unkind action 'Several Times On Purpose'. 



5A Class Worship

Remembrance Day Family Worship Service

Year 5 had the chance to lead this year's Armistice Day service. They performed a beautiful, poignant service, which was filled with poetry, prayer and respect. The children's voices echoed the importance of this year being the 100th year since the end of the Great War. A big thank you to all of class 5A for leading the service so wonderfully. 



WB 14.01.19


During our class worship this week we looked at our school vision and values and discussed what stories, from the bible, promote each of our school values. We discussed the actions, thoughts and good news of the characters within the stories and how we can use these tales to ensure we are displaying and promoting each value the best we can. 


WB 17.09.18

During our class worship this week we shared experiences with each other that showed how and where we have shown love to others. We spoke about taking care of our friends and family members, looking out for younger people as well as taking care of elderly people. We shared stories about supporting people in need and sharing loving moments with our immediate family through story time and movie-time cuddles.



WB 10.09.18:

This week we reflected on what our school vision is and how we can help ourselves and each other to let our lights shine as brightly as possible. We also discussed what makes our school distinctive and why we are school on a hill for others to see. 

Science - How we Hear!


In science today we learnt about sound. We discovered how it travels and how the ear works to allow us to hear. 

We investigated sound waves through an elastic band investigation where we measured the pitch of a sound caused by varied tension and thickness of elastic. 


Our Topic Hook Art Day!

We launched our topic, 'All Creatures Great and Small' this week by working on a collaborative art piece, which will be installed in the Yr 5/6 stairwell. 


We are creating a large painting by working on small sections of the painting in pairs. The final piece will see our parts come together like a puzzle. 



Take a look at our time in Year 4!


Look what we've been learning in year 4

Haunting poetry

This week in year four we have been looking at the poem "The Hounds of the Baskerville". First we acted out lots of different ghostly poems about Dartmoor. In the next lesson children have came up with some brilliant adjectives to describe the hound and the moors. Today, we wrote our own poems using the structure of the poem as a guide. The class were really enthusiastic about this, we came up with some great ides!

Writing our versions of the Iron Man

Everybody in year 4 has worked so hard this week to write their stories and apply all of the writing expertise they have gained. The stories are awesome and everyone should be really proud of their efforts. We can't wait to share them with you at the termly learning conferences in March!


Coding Microbits and Safer Internet Day

This week there has been a bit of a computing theme in year 4 as we learnt how to code Microbits on and learn and reflect on ways to keep ourselves safe whilst using the internet. 

Microbits: Microbits are mini computers which can be coded or programmed to display different light displays on 25 tiny LED lights. We were lucky to be joined by Miss Coombes and 2 of her students from St George's. We had a wonderful time learning and sharing our computing expertise. We have borrowed the microbits for the next half term and are very much looking forward to using them and extending our knowledge.

Safer Internet Day: We celebrated Safer Internet Day by discussing our internet usage and how we can stay safe. We talked about the importance of logging off after using different websites, games and APPs and why this is important to do so. We also thought about how to create strong safer passwords and how to do this by using a mixture of lower and upper case letters, numbers and characters. Ensuring that we don't ever share passwords and personal details with anyone was another big talking point which the children were very knowledgeable about. Have a look at some of our ideas and computing learning . 



Preparing to write our own versions of the Iron Man

This week we have been thinking carefully about the 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes which we have enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. We have been sequencing events in the story and role-playing the main parts from each of the 5 chapters in the story. Now that we are clear about the events of the story, we are ready to plan our own innovated stories which we will write next week. 

Making our Iron Men

This week year 4 have continued to immerse ourselves in the story of the Iron Man and to help us do this we have used the designs we created last week to construct our own versions. We overcame many obstacles during the construction process and had to think carefully about how best to join the materials we had selected from the mountain of junk our parents and carers donated for the build - thank you! We had a great afternoon and hope you like our Iron Men so far. Next week we will be painting and adding features to our Iron men before using them in English in the coming weeks to help bring our Iron Men stories to life. 

Celebrating our growth mind-set  in year 4

At the end of term, year 4 have been reflecting on and reviewing our attitudes to learning and the importance of adopting a growth mind-set when facing challenges, setbacks and criticisms at school. We thought about how in every lesson we are individuals who face different challenges and setbacks in our learning journeys how this feels and how we can overcome barriers in order to achieve. We know that learning can be tricky but by showing courage and appreciating that though we may not fully understand something YET and might find ourselves in the 'learning pit' it doesn't mean we'll never understand or climb out of the pit. We ALL need to be brave, face our challenges and persevere and that when we achieve our goals we should celebrate our success however large or small!

The children each though about what growth mind-set means to them and an example of when they have had to adopt a growth mind-set in their own learning. 

Here are some of our thoughts and reflections about the importance of adopting a growth mind-set with our learning.

Celebrating Christmas in Year 4

We've had a great time thinking about and celebrating Christmas this year at St Matthew's. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch cooked by chef James and his team. Year 4 performed Christmas carols at Tamar House nursing home which delighted the staff and residents alike. We enjoyed our class treat of a DVD and snacks having earned a staggering 2,000 Dojo points during the Autumn term and we also met Father Christmas who assured us all that we were on his 'good' list this Christmas! Making Christmas cards for our families and Christmas craft decorations was also a highlight and looked very professional - well done year 4, what a fabulous end to a very enjoyable and productive term.  

Anti-bullying winner and runners up

Unsurprisingly, it's official, we have some very talented designers in year 4! This week we found out that the school council had chosen Madison T, Maddie B and Jamie's posters as the Key stage 2 winner and 2 of the runners up in the anti-bullying poster competition. Well done your posters were fabulous and really carried the importance of the anti bullying message! Thank you to everyone who entered.  


Letters from the Lighthouse

We are loving our class reader this term 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carrol. This week we are preparing to rewrite an exciting part of the story when Cliff, who is one of the central characters, gets into difficulty while walking Pixie the dog on the beach at Budmouth Point, where he and his sister Olive have been evacuated during World War 2.

In groups, we acted out the scene in order to give us some ideas to include in out writing. We focused on the dialogue between the characters and also how to punctuate speech in our writing. I can't wait to read the children's writing next week.    

Maths: deepening our understanding of multiplication


This week we have been learning to use a formal method of multiplication. In order to deepen our understanding we have been explaining and questioning each other.

Anti-bullying Week


This week we've celebrated Anti-bullying Week at St Matthew's. We have discussed what bullying is and isn't, what it looks like, what to do if we suspect bullying or think we're being bullied. We have learnt that bullying is unkind or mean behaviour Several Times On Purpose. It is a sustained attack across days or weeks not just a fall out with friends or a one-off episode of unkind behaviour. We have also reflected on the effects of bullying behaviour and why people may bully. Bullying can be verbal, physical, racial, can happen on the internet or through text message - cyber-bullying. We have talked about how talking to people we trust and speaking out against such behaviour is the start of the process. In doing so we can STOP bullying and stamp it out! We also wore blue to school to show our support for the anti-bullying cause.  

Year 4 have been showing their exceptional progress in writing by constructing a 'rainbow of sentences'. We have been learning about the Pilgrim Fathers and their voyage to America to start a new life away from the England and influence of the Roman Catholic church.


In Maths, we have been revising, learning and extending our knowledge of the multiplication tables.

This week Year 4 have been planning and writing poetry about fireworks. We have been thinking about the poetic features and techniques we can use to enhance the enjoyment for the reader or audience. We have used simile, alliteration, imagery, onomatopoeia, expanded noun phrases and personification - what a productive and impressive week of poetry writing. When we have written our poetry out in our best handwriting we will show you our display.  

Look at our performance poetry picture - do you like the alliteration?

This week we welcomed our friends and families to our World War 2 inspired tea dance. We shared our vast knowledge of World War 2, some delicious carrot scones we had baked and some funky dance moves, including steps from the jive and the Lindy Hop. We had an amazing time and hope you did too!

These are some of the photos we took of our super dance moves...

Still image for this video

Practising the Lindy hop...

Still image for this video

Now for the hand jive...

This week year 4 held the first family worship of the school year and they were fabulous, despite some technical hitches. Well done everyone I was so very proud of you, as were your families!


Last week I mentioned how Mrs Vinnicombe taught us all about the Plymouth artist Beryl Cook and that she would be taking the children's characters and adding them to a Plymouth backdrop. Well here is the finished piece of art. Isn't it awesome! We will speak to Eddie and see that we get the artwork up as soon as possible. Thank you again Mrs Vinnicombe. We can't wait to welcome you back. 

This week we were very lucky to have welcomed Mrs Vinnicombe, Archie's mum into class. Mrs Vinnicombe is an art teacher at All Saints Academy. She told us about a local Plymouth artist you might have heard of called Beryl Cook. Though unfortunately Beryl Cook has passed away, her artistic legacy lives on. With Mrs Vinnicombe's help we were able to recreate some of Beryl Cook's iconic plymothians which will feature on a whole class piece of art Mrs Vinnicombe will complete - how exciting! Here are some photos of the children working on their characters. Keep checking the website for photos of the finished piece. Thank you Mrs Vinnicombe we had a fabulous time and would love to welcome you back anytime!  


In English and topic, we have been following the life of Lenny, who was an evacuee from World War 2, and the main character in our class book 'The Lion and the Unicorn', By Shirley Hughes. We have been empathizing with Lenny as he starts this challenging chapter of his life. We took turns at being Lenny, while our friends interviewed us. We talked about our feelings, hopes and fears.


In maths, we have been thinking about our knowledge of place value and using what we know to answer increasingly challenging reasoning and problem solving based activities.  


Plymouth Hoe trip

This week we were very lucky to go on a school trip to Plymouth Hoe and the Barbican linked to our topic this term of Significant Plymothians. Our fun-filled and action packed day started with a look around the historic Barbican, where we spent some time in the Elizabethan Garden and at the famous Mayflower Steps where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail to discover America. We then set sail on our own voyage, though not quite so adventurous, around Plymouth Sound and up the Tamar estuary looking at Devonport Dockyard. After lunch, we all ventured up Smeaton's Tower (a considerable climb), taking in the fabulous panoramic views of our great city.  Whilst on the promenade we also managed to spend some time reflecting on the service men and women lost to war, as we spent time by the war memorial. The memorial currently features a striking poppy installation, which is beautiful. If you get a chance the children and I would recommend you see them before they're removed in November.

Have a look at some of the photos we took to record moments of our day!





RE and Arts week


This week we have been learning about and reflecting on Psalms 121, what it means and how we can represent this in art. We also thought about spirituality and what it means, thinking about ourselves, others, the world around us and the divine other. We created a wonderful whole class canvas depicting our thoughts about spirituality. We are very proud of it, we hope you like it too!

Plymouth Hoe Trip

Look at us 'loving our learning' when we were in Y3

Taking Part in the national Spirited Arts Competition

A visit from a local Hindu faith speaker...

We had so much fun at Poole Farm...

We designed logos for a new school in Exeter using our knowledge of the Trinity...

Rev Keith came into our class to talk about a special prayer week called 'Thy Kingdom Come'.

We have been making our own 3D shapes...

19th May 2017

This week in school we have been writing and editing our own time travel stories.  Miss Freeman was super impressed with our creative ideas and sentence structure.  We spent time finding out about shapes and describing their properties.  


frownCongratulations to Finn who has been awarded his Pen License!!!  We are all really proud him because he has worked to hard to improve the size and shape of his letters...he loved us cheering for him during our Friday celebration time! frown

Investigating 2D shapes and discussing their properties.

As part their home learning activities the children researched information about life in Tudor times.  Jamie, Dylan, Zeph, Archie and Jacob told us all about Jousting, Football, Henry's Wives, and The Tudor Family Tree.  Dylan even shared some Jousting Lego with us!

28th April 2017

Our first full week back has been a really exciting one.  We have been experimenting with different sentence structures, finding out about Mary Anning and working on our division and multiplication skills. In RE we made HUGE posters with information about the Trinity.  Miss Freeman is going to make a book with all of the information in it so please pop into the classroom and have a look at what we have been doing.  

24th March 2017

This week in RE we have been creating abstract pictures of the Trinity.  We spent time looking at Bible verses about the Trinity before we decided on what to draw.  Later we added colour whilst thinking about what it might represent.  When we have finished our pictures we wrote commentaries explaining what we had drawn and why we had drawn it. was RED NOSE DAY...some of us wore makeup to school!

24th March 2017



Congratulations to Jamie, Maddie, Evie, Elena and Kaitlin who all received their PEN LICENSES today!

14/3/17 - Check out our new learning walls...

Home Learning

We are very sorry to say that we are having problems with out printer/photocopier. This means that we are currently unable to print the home learning sheets to send home.  We will try to do this on Monday so that they can be sent home but until then please click on the link below to download our home learning activities.  

23rd February 2017

Wow, what a week!  We have been letter writing, painting, collecting data and even finding out about how plants grow.  In our RE lessons we have started finding out about the Trinity.  We talked about what water is like and chalked our ideas onto the playground.  Later we talked about how water is important to Christians and began finding out about Baptism.  Check our our photos of this lesson...

2nd February 2017


WOW...what a busy week it has been in Year 3!  We have been writing instructions, cooking, making smoothies, guessing how many sweets are in a jar, finding out about Hindu worship and taking part in lots of different maths activities.  We really loved having our parents, carers and grandparents in class for our maths lessons...thank you if you came to join us for some learning.


Check out the photos of us making coconut sweets and mango smoothies...

27th January 2017

This week we have been writing and editing our own creation stories based on the Maya texts that we have been reading.  We spent time finding out about our Christian value of love and talked about how we could show this value around the school.  Check out our photos from our science lesson that we spent finding out about flowers.

CONGRATULATIONS to Archie and Ruby who have been voted as our class School Council representatives.  


CONGRATULATIONS to Zeph who has been voted as our class Spirit Detective.


Watch this space for updates on their new roles.  

Check out our new learning walls...

20th January 2016

We have had a really exciting week, on Monday a local ecologist came to school and told us how our local area was adapted for our beautiful new school.  She showed us before and after shots of the school site and talked about how the animals were looked after.  We were excited to hear that she had found deer and badger trails around our school.


In maths we have been looking at place value and rounding.  We have challenged ourselves to find new methods of working out the answer to a problem.  Miss Freeman is really proud of all of our writing and we have 'wowed' her with our creative ideas for our own creation stories.  Next week is our love theme this space for photos of our learning.

13th January 2016


We have really enjoyed our first full week back at school.  As a class we have spent time reading Maya creation stories and looking at common features.  In Maths we have been finding out about angles and Mr Proctor even took us on an angle hunt on the top floor of the school!  Next week we will be starting our work on place value and continuing to find out about Hinduism.  Miss Freeman would really like us to think about different sentence starters when we are writing at home. 


On Monday we have a visit from Kate and she will be telling us all about our local this space for some photos!


Please note that our spelling test has moved to Wednesday afternoon.

6th January 2017

We have really enjoyed our first few days back at school (even if Miss Freeman does keep calling us Year 2/3) and we are really excited about our new topic.  On Thursday we had our first St Matthew's 'Prayer Day'.  We spent time finding out about different types of prayer and had a go at writing our own.  Through our reading we found out that most prayers have a please, sorry and a thank you in them.  We thought that the sorry was a bit sad so we sandwiched it like a burger.  


On Wednesday we did some fact finding about the Maya people.  Their games, laws and ways of living were really interesting and we have thought of some research questions to challenge our learning.  Keep an eye on our class page for some updates on how we are getting on.


We have our first french lesson with our new teacher Madame Ussher next week and we are also looking forward to welcoming Mr Proctor (our student teacher) who will be working with us until the end of term.

16th December 2016

Next term our topic will be 'The Mighty Mayans. All Year 3 children will have a copy of our topic overview in their bags so that they can share their learning with you as the term progresses.  


Mrs Caddick and I would like to wish all of Year 2/3 children and their families a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a joyful New Year.  We would also like to thank you all for the kind cards, gifts, wishes and notes that we have received this week. smiley

13th December 2016

We had a very special visitor this afternoon...

Thank you to the PTFA for a super fun Christmas craft morning...

12th December 2016

This morning we were invited to sing at Tamar House Residential Home.  We really enjoyed singing our songs and sharing an 'Open The Book' story with the residents.

We have really enjoyed finding out about shapes and right angles this week...

25th November 2016

We have loved our learning this week and we got very excited about our work in Maths.  Miss Freeman thinks that our work on multiplication and division is amazing because we were able to solve some very tricky problems.  In English we have been continuing to write our biographies and have worked on our note taking skills.  Miss Freeman and Mrs Caddick had a really tough job choosing our learning stars this week because we have all made FANTASTIC progress.

Working on our note taking skills...

A very special bear visited our classroom today...

11th November 2016

We have have learnt lots this week and our work on multiplication has been really exciting.  We spent time thinking of different ways to complete multiplication problems, carried out an investigation and found out about arrays.  Our work in English has been just as exciting and we have enjoyed reading lots of biographies about different scientists.  Next week we will be writing our own biographies about Thomas Edison.  Our learning walls are taking shape but keep coming back to our class page to see our updated photos.

7th November 2016

This week we will be starting our work on writing biographies.  We will be finding out more information about famous scientists, note taking and looking at how we can be successful writers.  In maths we will be finding out more about multiplication and using our knowledge to solve problems.  We would love to share our learning with you all so please ask us lots of questions.

Reading and talking about poetry...

After half term our topic will be 'Bright Sparks', we will be finding out about electricity and famous scientists.  During our first week back we will be writing firework poems and thinking about imagery within our writing.  Your can find out lots more about our new theme on the topic sheets that the children took home on the last day of term.  We are all very excited about our new topic and are looking forward to sharing our learning, keep checking our class page for more updates!

This week in maths we have been finding missing numbers and sharing our ideas.

Learning the recorder

Still image for this video
This week years 2 and 3 have been learning to play B on the recorder.

Have a look at our learning map and find out about what our focus will be this term.

We have been finding out about creation and stewardship. We created our own animals, talked about what they liked doing and how we would want them to be looked after. We decided that we would be very sad if people didn't follow our care instructions. We talked about how God might have felt about Adam and Eve.

We have been having great fun learning about pirates. We enjoyed our pirate 'hook' day and spent time looking for treasure, toasting marshmallows, building pirate dens and walking the plank!
Look at how much we loved our learning when we were in Y1/2 with Ms Redwood and Mrs Salt...


Investigating Paper Aeroplanes 


Our Super Stars

Year 1/2 have loved studying the African creatures of The Hunt series. After we had watched a clip of a praying mantis, Zeph brought his pet into school. All the children guessed why his name was Camo. Thank you, Zeph!

The Praying Mantis visit!

Learning Together!

In R.E., we have been thinking about why we say Grace before lunch. We made Grace cubes and read the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.


All About Baptism

Still image for this video
The children in Year 1/2 learnt all about baptism with Reverend Chris. They really enjoyed his visit and carried out their own baptisms. We got a bit wet!

Here are some pictures from our learning:




Jacob had a Headteacher's award for great work in maths. He sorted these3D shapes. Can you guess how he did it?

In T2 we start our English unit with the story, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. We will also be using this book as a stimulus for dance and some of our topic work. In science and geography we will be looking at the seasons and the changes that Autumn brings.If you are out on an Autumn walk this half term, please bring in any leaves, cones or acorns you find for an Autumn display in class.




We are starting our maths work this half term by looking at shape. We will be making, building and describing shapes all around us. We will also begin to look at multiplication tables through games and activities throughout the day.

Here are some pictures of our maths learning:

Here are some photos of our learning.

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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