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4M Mrs McCoy

Welcome to our Class Page.

Class Teacher: Mrs Vicky McCoy

Supported by : Mr David Hitchcock and Mrs Darina Thomas


School council representatives: Darcy and Soni



smileyLearning Star of the Week:smiley

smiley Sam for showing courage and applying himself when trying to beat his skips in 2 minute score. He smashed his personal best! smiley


heartValues Star of the Week:heart

heartFlorence for showing love and forgiveness. She is a good friend.  heart



Handy information

The school gates will be open from 0820. Classrooms are open from 8.30 and children can come in from then. Year 4 come in and out of the same staircase at the back of the playground. I will be there every morning. 

If you are ever unable to catch me, please email : 

You can also send me a message through Clas Dojo.

We have P.E. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Remember to take it home on Thursday so you can wear it for club day. 


Home learning:

Home learning is set every day. There are 4 spellings (1 recap and 3 new) to learn each day. A longer test of the week's 12 spellings will be given on a Friday. Daily spelling practice is recorded in home learning books. Please make sure they are in school every day. Children are asked to remind their grown ups to listen to them read and write in or sign the reading diary 3 times a week. 


In Year 4, we need to know all of our times tables up to 12 x 12. To help the class practise, they have personal access to TT Rockstars. This is a fantastic learning game which helps children recall their times tables instantly. This will considerably help with their calculations in our maths learning. 


If anyone has difficulty accessing the TT Rockstars online, please DOJO me and I shall set up a lunchtime club to help your children. 


mailThere is a home learning club available after school each Friday. 


Please find our termly overview:




Spring Term Overview and PACE sheet

Red Nose Day 2019

What crazy hair and red clothes we had in year 4. Thanks for all of the donations. We had a lot of fun!

Skip to be fit!

We had a fantastic time skipping at school today. We had some cool music - The eye of the Tiger - to skip to. We were timed for 2 minutes and the skipping rope counted our skips. We were proud of our number. Then we were asked to do it again! This time we had renewed determination and set our minds to try to beat our personal best score. We have a set of these counting skipping ropes in school now. Year 4 plan to do a regular challenge to see if we can keep beating our scores. We recovered by eating delicious superfood blueberries.

Welcome back Year 4. 

Our topic for this term is Traditional Tales -

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

We had a fun time during our hook day, discovering the different themes of magic, power of 3, talking animals and discussing the differences of oral tales based on the same story. 

Tuesday 11th December

A treat for the residents of Tamar House Care Home. Christmas Carols by Year 4


"First we took our coats off because it was hot. Then we sang Rocking around the Christmas tree. I sang a duet to Once in Royal David’s City. The old people were so kind and clapped and said well done. After doing our performance, the office ladies gave us some chocolate. They said we were so polite and we left feeling proud and so happy." Darcy

Number Day!

Year 4 had a great time singing about their times tables, investigating patterns in number and applying their multiplication skills. 

Ask them to set you a word problem to test your maths skills using your multiplication knowledge. 

Extreme Weather Poetry!

As detectives, we read an anthology of poetry about extreme weather. We read about torrential rain, snow, a heatwave, a sand storm and thunderstorms.

We examined the structure of the poems and looked for figurative language (onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, alliteration) and interesting word choices (rhyme, rhythm, adverbs, adjectives, expanded noun phrases).

As performers, we chose our favourite and worked in groups to read out our chosen poem with expression to our class.

We showed great teamwork:

"We were a team and made something really good."

"Our group worked well because we concentrated on what we had to do."

"If someone wanted to speak, we went quiet. We worked together and chose actions we all wanted to do."

"We trusted each other and shared what we wanted to do."

Why is our school special?

Today we have been thinking about what makes us special as a Church of England school.  What do we do at St Matthews to "let our light shine"? We shared our ideas as a class.

heartLove Theme Dayheart

Today we looked at our Christian Value of love. 

We looked in the Bible at Corinthians 13 and discussed how we show love to ourselves, our family, our school, our world and to God. 

We then tried to represent what love looks like to each of us as a piece of artwork. Doesn't our collaborative piece make you feel warm and fuzzy? We collected our ideas into a book which is displayed in school. 


Look at out lovely learning in Year 3!

What to know what we are doing during the Spring Term? Check out our PACE sheet below:

For e-safety this week, we have been looking at media of all types. We particularly liked this rap created by a school in Washington.

Still image for this video

Miss Coombes and two of her top coders visited us from St Georges. Together, we coded a micro-bit to display an image of our choosing. It was a fantastic afternoon!

This week we have been using concrete resource to help us partition two-digit numbers.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Clip n Climb for the filming of their new advertising campaign.

Olivia making it to the top

Still image for this video

William's great effort.

Still image for this video

Climbing Year 3!

Still image for this video

Lara vs. Lucas

Still image for this video

In computing, we coded our very own etch-a-sketch and drew a famous Plymouth landmark.

Sam, Lola, Caleb and Lara taught the class in more detail as Mr P took a seat on the carpet to learn.

We then went on to dividing using repeated subtraction. We used number lines and 100 squares to help with our calculations.

This week we have been using concrete resources such as: lolly pop sticks, match sticks and multi-link blocks to help us with our dividing calculations.

This week, Sam experienced a setback in his learning. As a class, we spoke to Sam and helped him with his setback. Now he knows that using 1 square per digit will help him with his calculations and his presentation.

This week we had a guest speaker from the faith centre called Jyothi. Jyothi spoke to us about Hinduism.

Growth mind-set: What does it mean?


This week in year three we have been talking about having a growth mind-set and what it means for us.


Initially, we thought that it meant 'not giving up' when stuck in the 'learning pit'.


However, we found that we don't have to do things incorrectly to have a growth mind-set. We just need to have a positive attitude towards our learning and accept that nothing can ever truly be 'perfect'.


With this, we spoke about challenges, setbacks and criticism


This week we have specifically focussed on criticism. We have spoken about how to give constructive criticism and and to take it on board and 'give it a go'.


We found that listening to constructive criticism about our work is an advantage as it will allow us to build on what we have created already.


This week, Olivia D received some constructive criticism on her work and found that it helped her improved on what she had already done.


Without having a growth mind-set the constructive criticism that was given to Olivia could have impacted on her self-esteem and her work would not have been improved, yet she took it in her stride and improved her work. Well done you!

Anti-bullying week.


In class, we have discussed bullying and how to identify when one is being bullied.


Together, we found that bullying is not a 'one-off' confrontation or incident. 


We found that bullying is when somebody is being unkind persistently and are doing it to deliberately hurt us.

Further, we identified that bullying isn't just using unkind hands. Bullies can use unkind words and unkind actions.

We looked at the acrostic of 'STOP' to help us identify bullies.







Bullying doesn't always happen in person. It can also happen when we are at home using devices connected to the internet. We discussed how we can stay safe online and we know that when we feel unsafe we should tell an adult we can trust immediately.


If we see somebody being bullied, we are going to show our Christian value of courage and speak out against them and ask them to stop. We will then find an adult we can trust and ask them for help. 

Some children in year three would like to share some information about bullying:

We have been working with numicon to help us partition numbers to help us multiply two-digit by one-digit numbers.

This week, we have been hot-seating as different characters from the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse'

Lola teaching the class how to solve missing number problems.

In maths, we have used the techniques we learnt last week to answer problem solving questions as a team.

Today in year three, we have been discussing 'trust'. We have discussed its importance and why we have it. We’ve spoken about why we need to trust others and also how the dictionary defines it. We’ve identified those in our lives who we trust and we were able to explain why we trusted them.

Professor Wells taught the class a repeated addition technique whilst Mr P took a back seat

Lana found that noting down each count of 4 would help her answer her multiplication calculation.

After using the multi-link cubes, we worked collaboratively to answer multiplication questions. To help us, we used repeated addition and the 100 square.

We have been reading about firework poetry this week. In groups, the children performed their favourite poem to the class.

On Friday, we have been exploring money. We have been looking at adding and subtracting amounts of money to give change. We found that 10 penny coins was equal to one 10p coin.

Now with the music...

Still image for this video

Practising our Lindy Hop

Still image for this video

This week we held a World War 2 themed tea dance with year 4!

We had adults in to work with us for a maths hour. We had all sorts of investigations and maths games. We even had a challenge corner!

This week in year three we have been working on the formal written method in both addition and subtraction. 


We have added and subtracted three-digit and two-digit numbers. We found that using bead strings and 100 squares improved our calculations.


In English, we have planned and published a diary entry from the perspective of 'Lenny' from the book 'The Lion and the Unicorn' written by Shirey Clarke. We have focussed on using emotive language. We self-assessed our own work using our purple pen to edit and then published it on some wonderfully bordered paper.



Using place value mats and counters to add mentally. Through this we learnt that we could exchange 10 ones for 1 ten.

This week has been a tough week in year three. We have worked hard at our maths. The whole class was in the learning pit. However, together, we pulled ourselves out using a growth mindset and progressed in our learning. 


We have been focussing on adding using the formal written method. We know that we can exchange 10 ones for 1 ten and we can also exchange 10 tens for 1 hundred. 


In English, we have learnt how to mark each others work. We have given feedback to our peers in order to help them improve in their writing. Further, we have increased our sentence writing skills be revisiting different sentence types and using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We also wrote interesting sentences using fronted adverbials. We know that, when using a fronted adverbial, it must be followed by a comma!


We have made sure that our work is always our best this week as Mr P can live stream our work straight from the iPad to our board. That means we have to take pride in our work in all lessons at all times.


In P.E. we used all of the throwing, catching and moving skills we have been learning and had a dodgeball tournament. We used different throwing techniques in order to get the other team out.




Again, this week has just flown by!


We have written a diary entry in the perspective of Lenny, a young evacuee from London. We have been focussing on emotive language and we created word banks to help us in our writing.


In maths this week, we have been using our mental addition skills and counting on in order to add one digit and three digit numbers together. 

Working in teams, we used our mental subtraction skills to find an answer to our pyramid number investiation

Using concrete resources to help us add 1 digit numbers to 3 digit numbers

Hot seating - asking Lenny how he feels being away from home.

Another great week of learning this week!


We have been focussing on place value again and comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000. We have been identifying strategies to find out 10 more/less and 100 more/less. On Friday we completed some problem solivng questions where we had to combine all of our strategies in order to answer questions. 



Oh my goodness! What a week...!


We started off the week by discussing poems by Celia Warren and identifying each part of her poem.


Once we had finally identified the features we then sought to become architects and create our own in the same style. Once we had planned it - we then started to become a publisher and write our poems in our neatest possible handwriting. 


In maths, we have been looking at place value and what each digit in a three digit number represents. 


Of course, we had a fantastic day on Wednesday where we had an amazing time on the Hoe and around the Barbican. Please find a more detailed summary on the school's newsletter. 


On Thursday we had many adults join us in class where we took our time exploring different types of pencils and apply those skills to create a magical piece of art!



Weekly home learning:

Rising Stars Parents' Guides

Take a look at us ' loving our learning' when we were in Year 2

Lara can read in Portuguese!

Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

We designed, made and evaluated a car chassis.

A visit from the fire brigade

Please, please, please can ALL items brought into school by the children be clearly labelled with their name. Thank you smiley

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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