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2S Mrs Salt

Class 2S (2018-2019)


Welcome to 2S.


Class Teacher: Mrs Sarah Salt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lucy Fraser

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Marie Steadman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cassie Caddick


A very warm welcome to Year 2. If you are ever unable to catch me for a chat at the end of the day, please do get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can:



Class Dojo: please do leave me a message - as well as you receiving snippets about your children's day and class messages, it is good for us to hear how the children are getting on at home. 

Reading Diaries: It is lovely for us to see how well your children are doing with their reading at home, so please do record this in your child's diary whenever you hear them read. smiley


 noPlease remember that the school gates will open at 8:30am and the register will be taken promptly at


We are so proud of our Learning Stars and Value Stars. Well done!


This week, they are...


smiley Learning Star smiley


Jayden for being a reflective author and using ambitious vocabulary in his writing. 


heart Values Star heart

Alyssa for showing love to a hurt friend by showing constant support when running a long distance race. 



Scroll down to see our previous stars. We are so proud of them all!


Useful Information


  • Timings:The school gates are open each morning at 8.20am, so that children can enter the classrooms from 8.30am. The register will be taken at 8.40am and the learning day starts, so children need to be settled in class by this time. The end of the school day for Y2 children is 3.20pm. 
  • PE: Our class PE sessions will usually be every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure however that your child has their full PE kit (with name labels) in school all week in case of any changes. All children at St Matthew's are asked to wear their school PE kits to school every Friday instead of school uniform - we will send PE kits home on a Thursday to accommodate this.
  • Home-learning: Home Learning currently consists of spellings set on each school night. These are routinely given out on a Friday to enable children to get a head start with practising if they wish. Each set of spellings will usually be tested on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please encourage your child to try their best and take pride in the work that they do in their home learning books. Daily regarding and mental maths contribute to the rest of the home learning activities. Times tables can be practised on ttrockstars and other mental maths foci will be their mental maths targets found in their home learning books and reading records. 
  • Reading: We will read with your child during our whole class/guided reading sessions and also individually as often as possible. We will routinely provide some time daily for the children to read to themselves or others and to change their books as and when required. The more reading practice the children have the better, so supporting your child's reading at home is essential. Where possible, as well as listening to your child read each day, please also ask questions about the text . These might be questions that ask them to think about what has happened, what might happen next or what they believe about an event or fact in their book. Please refer to the VIPERS question examples sent home. Children now have a VIPERS bookmark to make these questions more accessible for you, which needs to be kept in their reading books. Enjoy! smiley
  • Times Tables: By the end of year 2, children are expected to know the 2,3, 5, and 10 times tables. Please practise this vital skill at home however you like, by saying them aloud, writing them down or learning them using times tables games available online. Ttrockstars is a fabulous resource. Usernames and passwords are in home learning books and reading records. 
  • Spelling and mental maths quizzes: We will have 4 spelling tests in class each week, which the children would have practised for in the previous night's home learning. Ttrockstars supports times tables and other mental maths can be practised with a variety of games. Please ask if you would like some ideas. 


We are learning to... (a focus for this year.)

Please find below some additional information on National Curriculum Assessments. 

STOP Bullying

We define bullying using 'STOP Bullying' .  'Several Times on Purpose' 

We define bullying as a persistent, deliberate attempt to hurt or humiliate someone, physically or psychologically, over a period of time.

We do everything we can to prevent and STOP bullying. 

Look at what we will be learning in 2S during the Summer term. 

Fresh Air and a Spot of Skipping


Magic Maths in 2S

We loved building our Bug Hotel. It was full of gaps and tiny holes that the bugs could thrive in. (Plus the essential bug slide!) We worked together as a 2S team fantastically!

In Class Worship, we discussed a man looking back at footprints in the sand. Whose footprints were they? Why was there only one set, when he looked back at the difficult times he had experienced?

A Bug Safari - ask the children what a pooter is!

Parents' Maths Open Afternoon - we loved the parents visiting, so that we could share our learning with them in maths. We made lots of different numbers, using different manipulatives.








Growth Mindset in Year 1

In our class we always thrive to be the best we can be! To fulfill our full potential we need to be confident, resilient learners and we need to have a growth mindset. In our class we are not afraid of our mistakes but use our mistakes to learn from and help us to improve. Having a can do attitude, learning from setbacks and responding to constructive criticism is all about having a growth mindset. In our class we relish challenges, embrace mistakes and become critical of our own and others work. 

This week in class worship, we have been exploring what makes our school distinctive as a church school. Below are all our ideas!! 
This term, we have been exploring the topic Creation. In our sessions, we have been learning the Creation story understanding how God made the world. This week, we have been looking at all of God's creations and we had a go at being creators ourselves! We made lots of interesting creations giving them names, ages and interests. After, we discussed how we look after God's creations and explored how God might feel if we destroy them. Miss Reburn destroyed her creation and we discussed how she felt after this happened. 
This week, we had the opportunity to visit the woods for a story telling session! When we go into the woods we heard about a angry giant called Boris and our mission was to save Plymouth. Inside the magical story bag, there were different objects. We found a shell which was a magical boat, a special timer that could transport us back to different times periods and a magic feather which gave us the ability to fly. We had a wonderful time! 
Today, we had some much fun finding clues about our new topic this term! We went around the school finding lots of mysterious pictures and clues. After following all the clues, we realised we were learning about the Great Fire of London!

The Royal Wedding!

This term, we have been exploring the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. First, we learnt about the story using sequencing, actions and a text map. After that, we started to innovate the story making our own changes! We had lots of fun creating our own characters using character description. Soon after, we wrote our own version of the story and created illustrations to go alongside. Once we had completed our stories with illustrations we created a final copy. Here are some of our lovely stories!

Our own Illustration books!

Spring Term 

Our World through Stories


On Fire!!! 

This week, we have started our on fire award. To achieve this award you need to be spotted by either an adult or another child for doing something amazing! This week, we have had so many children on fire and for many different reasons! Well done to those children who have received the on fire award in the first week. Amazing smiley

Our special visitor this week!!!!!!

This term, we have been learning about lots of different famous ships including the Titanic and the Mary Rose. We have really enjoyed the topic and have found out lots of amazing and interesting facts. This week in our topic lesson, we had the opportunity to meet someone from Navy! It was brilliant, we learnt all about the Navy and the different roles of the men and women who work for them. We also got the opportunity to try on some uniform and look at some photographs of naval ships. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos as much as we enjoyed our special visit! :) 

In mathematics this week, we have been exploring measure focusing specifically on capacity, volume, weight and mass. We have been using different measuring equipment and using words like full, half full, empty, light and heavy to describe the amount or object we are measuring. We have been having lots of fun experimenting with each measure and enhancing our knowledge of how we measure in everyday life. 

Special Visitors!!!

This term, we have been learning all about ships and boats. During this time, we have been looking at how to keep safe on a boat and the important measures we need to take when in the water and at sea. This week, we were lucky enough to meet the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). They talked us about their role and how they keep people safe in water. We looked at how we can stay safe when swimming in the sea and on the beach. We were very good at spotting the different dangers! 

Wow! The snow we had in school was amazing!!! We had so much fun playing in the snow :) Here are some pictures! 

Exciting News

On Friday, our role play area was mysteriously covered up. We were all so excited about what might be inside that we couldn't wait until Monday so decided do to it before. Before the big reveal, we guessed what we thought it might be. Some of us thought it might be a light house, the Mary Rose or even a submarine!!! Finally, when Miss Reburn unveiled it we realised it was the Titanic. Over the weekend, it would be brilliant if you could find out some interesting facts about this famous ship ready for our topic lesson on Monday! 


Still image for this video
This week in maths, we have been exploring measure focusing on height and length. First, we investigated how we measure using non- standard units of measure (feet, hands and cubes) as well as standard units of measure (mm, cm and m). We discuss which was more accurate giving why. Then we were given two challenges, the first was to see if we could sort ourselves into height order and the other was to create snakes of different lengths. After making our different sized snakes we put them into length order deciding which was the longest and shortest.  

In science this week, we have been looking at different materials and explaining their properties. At the start of the lesson we watched an interesting video listing all the different materials and describing them using adjectives. Afterwards, we began identifying the different everyday materials we had in our classroom. We found that glass, plastic, metal and fabric were the most common. As a whole class, we found interesting facts about each and research what materials was used for. Finally, on our table we had the opportunities to handle each of the materials and described them and their properties in our own words.


We looked at how different materials move on the same surface. At the start of the lesson we experimented with rolling play dough, glass marbles, plastic and foam across the table. Before we rolled the items we predicted which would move more quickly based on the surface of the material. Next we made predictions about which would travel the furthest when rolled down a ramp. We constructed our own ramps and tested to see if our predictions were correct and measured the distance that the cars had traveled. As a class we made a bar chart to show the results of our experiment.

Julia Donaldson

This week in English, we have started a new and exciting topic! On Monday we spent some time looking through different Julia Donaldson stories. We compared them focusing on their similarities and differences and put them into a table. The following day, we went on a treasure hunt to find different clues about the story we were focusing on. After collecting them all, we realised we were going to be learning about the Snail and the Whale!


In RE we have been exploring Islam. We have been exploring how this religion is different to Christianity. In today's lesson, we looked at mosques observing their interior and exterior. We commented on what we found interesting and why! 

Comparing numbers using different representations

This week in maths, we have been looking at the different ways we compare numbers. We have been using the inequality signs to help us identify which is smaller and bigger. We have been using different ways to show numbers this may include base ten, counters, numerals and words. Here are the numbers we created in our talk partners. 

Our Nativity


This week, the children in Year 1 performed their nativity to the whole school and to their parents. The children had a wonderful time and really enjoyed their performance!The children have been able to link their performance to their study of the concept of ‘Incarnation’ in RE. The performance also shared the important message of Christmas, reminding us why this time of year is so special. The children have been sharing their thoughts and comments about the production.

Jodie "I have loved performing!"

Lois "We have been singing our hearts out!"

Cannon firing!!!

Still image for this video

Crownhill Fort

This week, year 1 also visited Crownhill Fort. The children were extremely excited about the visit as they had been learning all about it’s history in class. The children had the opportunity to wander around the fort, visit the detention rooms and venture into the underground part of the fortress. We even had the opportunity to observe canons and rifles being fired. We absolutely loved our visit to the fort. Here are some photographs that capture some of our favourite moments on the trip!

Our mathematics working wall

In this term we have been exploring number. We have been looking at odd and even numbers and also how we represent different numbers using manipulatives. We have been practising counting in our 5s and 2s. Here is our learning wall with all our wonderful learning :) 

Our English working wall

This week we have been learning how to write a set of instructions. First we revisited our photographs we took when we made our very own forts. We then put them into order and explained how we made our forts. Once we have looked at our steps in more detail we began to look at the features of a set of instructions. After that, we wrote our instructions remembering our main heading, subheadings, lists and our steps. We are extremely proud of our writing! 

In topic, we have been learning about Crownhiill Fort. This week, we had a go at making our very own forts using recyclable materials. Here are some of our pictures!!! 

In RE this week, we have been looking at advent. In class, we learnt about how Christians prepare their homes and churches for advent. In a church the altar is decorated with a purple cloth because it represents waiting. Five candles are also lit every Sunday in the weeks leading up to Christmas. On Christmas day the fifth candle is lit.

We also discussed how Christian prepare their homes for Christmas this includes opening an advent calendar, decorating their homes and making a wreath. Interestingly, the wreath is a circular shape because it represents that God is eternal. We had a go at making our own wreath. It was a lot of fun!!!! :) 


This week in mathematics, we have been looking at how we represent different numbers using a 10 frame. We have been discussing how many tens and ones the number has. Here are some examples of our work. 

Using a ten frame

This week, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been exploring their properties and how they are different. We have been been using mathematical language to help us do this including vertices, edges, faces, sides and corners. In this lesson, we were describing the position of different 2D objects including top, bottom, above and below. We have lots of fun!!!! :) 

In class worship we have been writing our own messages to send in our Christmas shoes boxes. As a class we decided what we were sending a class shoe box and then placed our messages inside. Here is the picture we also sent in our shoe box so the child knows who it is from!


After looking at famous Plymouthians we had to write a fact file about one of them. At the beginning of the topic, we went on a treasure hunt around the school to find lots of clues about our famous person. Here are our photos we had so much fun!!!! 

Treasure Hunt

This term, the children have been exploring Pride in Plymouth. Throughout this topic, we have been looking at famous Plymothian people. Within our art lessons we began to research famous local artists this included Beryl Cook, Robert Lenkiewicz and Brian Pollard. We critiqued their work and discussed what we liked and disliked.

Looking at Brian Pollard’s work in more detail we started to look at his style, use of colour and images. Soon after, we had a go at drawing our very own seascape in the style of Brian Pollard. Here are some examples of our work below!!


Once we had created our seascapes we peer assessed our drawings looking critically at what we really liked giving reasons why and what we needed to improve on. After that, we created a second draft making the changes to our paintings that our friends had discussed with us.

Our Art Work

Our English Working Wall

This week, we have been working extremely hard to publish our very own class book! We are so proud of our hard work! :) 

The Wild Zoo

The Wild Zoo written by 1R

Still image for this video
This term, we have been exploring the story of Wild Woods by Simon James. After learning the story using actions to help us remember it, we made some of our own changes this is called the innovation stage. Our innovated story was about Mr Sussex and Miss Reburn going on a adventure to the zoo. On their way, they saw a cute tiger and a gigantic crocodile. Once we had changed our story we then wrote our own sentences. Here are some videos of us reading our sentences!

The Wild Wood written by 1R

Still image for this video

The Wild Zoo by 1R

Still image for this video

Learning to count in 2s!!!

This week in English, we have been exploring the story of The Wild Wood written by Simon James. First we acted out the story using freeze frames. After that we made actions and a story map to help us remember the plot. Here are our photographs from the freeze frames and a video of our actions to the story.smiley

Freeze Frames

This week, we have been learning to write  2A sentences. We have been identifying nouns and using descriptive adjectives joining them together using the conjunction 'and'. We are extremely proud of all our learning! 

Our English Learning Wall

This week, we have been learning to order numbers. All week, we have been using our manipulatives to help us represent numbers. Later on, we began to use number cards! Here are our number sequences! 

Ordering Numbers

Mark Making

This term, we are focusing drawing. In our art lesson this week, we explore and experimented with lots of different drawing materials and we even went to the art studio!!!! We use charcoal which was a little bit messy! We also used pencils, pens and crayons. We use different lines and shapes to capture different moods and emotions on our page. We had such a wonderful time!

Mark Making

In English this week, we have been exploring poetry. At the beginning of the week, we listened to different poems. After this, we began looking at a poem in more detail. After learning the poem we created actions to help us recite it. We hope you enjoy our performance! :) 

The Beach

Still image for this video
Our first week back to school was so exciting. We did lots of wonderful activities looking at our school vision and school values. We took part in lots of  discussions and really unpicking what our Christian school values meant to us! We also learnt about Buddhism and Hinduism, it was all very interesting! At the end of the week, we created our very own canvas to define what spirituality mean to us! We are extremely proud of our learning! 

Below are some of our wonderful learning memories from Foundation!!!!


Where do seeds come from? We looked inside different fruit to find the seeds. There are lots of different types.

What should we do with the seeds that we find?

How can we help them to grow?


We planted cress seeds in cotton wool. We waited, watered and watched it grow. Then we snipped and tasted it!

Olivia - Cress burns my tongue!

Archie - Too spicy!

Lois - It's good, I liked it.

Dylan - It's disgusting!

Jayden - Can I try some more?

Oliver - Can we have cress everyday?


Learning in the sun. 

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and taken our learning everywhere!


Easter Bonnets


For our Home Learning, we were tasked with making an Easter Bonnet - we have done an amazing job! Check out our creations below.

Congratulations to Lois, who came 1st out of the whole Foundation Unit!

In RM, we needed a new role play area. We decided to make a shop. Not just any shop - a

smileySpace Shop!smiley

We thought about what we would need:

moon cheese

moon rocks

space sweets

some money

some signs

price tags

space cookies

astronaut helmets

We were thinking about what we know about Christianity. Here is our mindmap and some of our comments:

Maisie - God shared all the food and sprinkled it round to everyone.

Olivia - Jesus was born in a stable. They was riding a donkey to Bethlehem. It was a miracle. He grew up and got food and gave it to everyone.

Monty - Jesus came alive at Easter. When people come to Jesus they are not hurt and they can move again. 

Ava - Mary was having a baby. The angel said to Mary she was having a special baby called Jesus. He was born in the animal food bowl. 

Oliver - Jesus did miracles. He got some water and turned it into wine. He was a special baby. People cheered for him. 

Luca - He is love and true spirit. Jesus is the son of God. God is the father of Jesus. He made you and us. 

We had a great time dressing up for World Book Day. Look at our fantastic outfits. 

heartWe made a Friendship Tree.heart

How do we show love at school?

Class RM story map of the Three Little Pigs

We have made a story map. Show your child and they can use it to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs. Can they remember the actions? Can you learn the actions? Can they do some writing at home using it? Show us through Tapestry if they really impress you!

Have fun!

Burger Prayer

A prayer begins "Dear God" and ends with "Amen" like the buns of a burger. Inside we say thank you, sorry and please for something. We think of these as the filling of a burger. We made a giant prayer burger, thinking of things to give thanks for, things we are sorry about, and kind things we would like God's help with.  

Can you make a burger prayer with your family?

Making our prayer burger

Merry Christmas from us all!

The Foundation Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very 'Merry Christmas'.


We look forward to hearing all about the fun you will have had over the festive period when school starts up again on Wednesday 4th January 2017.


A sincere 'Thank you' for all of your continued support.

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali: the festival of lights. We really enjoyed making our Diwa lamps.

We are using clay to make Diwa Lamps for Diwali.

Shapes all around us!


We have been hunting for 2D shapes in the environment. When the children spotted one, they used the IPAD to take a photograph. Can you identify our shapes? What shapes can you find at home?

All aboard our rainbow bus!

We enjoyed creating our rainbow bus this week ready to transport us on  fun and exciting imaginary journeys! 

Mr Gumpy's outing!

We enjoyed retelling the story. Everyone had a part in the story and Maisie was a fantastic Mrs Gumpy!

Pirate storytelling adventures! 

Look at us enjoying our first few days in school!

Pirate hook day fun!

Early Learning Goals

School Motto

‘Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Hope, Trust, Spirit’

Mission Statement

‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

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